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Curtain walls have a range of applications – but mostly they are known as a great way to embellish a property for aesthetic gain. But whilst they don’t serve a structural purpose, they do boast other benefits that more drastic constructive work could be more time-consuming to emulate. Here we look at some common goals and explain the little-known results curtain walls can produce. So which is best for your business – a new-build assembly, or a non-structural curtain wall?

I need an indoor mezzanine or partition

Curtain walls can be utilised ‘indoors’ – making them a perfect yet under-appreciated solution for businesses occupying large buildings that are looking to remodel their interior. In larger properties curtain walls can be used as partitions, dividing huge spaces into areas separate businesses or departments can occupy. A curtain wall can also provide a division between ‘business areas’ and public spaces or staff rooms and canteens – or be incorporated across several floors to create a grand entrance space.

I want new windows and insulation

For a multistory building with many floors and even more windows, keeping energy bills down and wastage at a minimum can be challenging. Whilst contemporary windows and improved insulation may be the first answer that comes to mind, curtain walls can provide a viable solution for businesses who need to preserve funds, but also maintain lower energy consumption. As they are highly energy efficient, curtain walls have a unique ability to keep light and energy out or in as appropriate. In winter buildings are warm inside, keeping the external cold at bay. In summer air conditioning doesn’t need to work as hard, whilst light can either be optimised or minimised using innovative UV-tinted glass.  There is, of course, an added benefit – your property gets a complete makeover, improving public relations and staff morale.

I want my building to look better

Aesthetic improvement is a key motivation behind many commercial redevelopments. But completely remodelling the exterior of a building can be costly and difficult from a legal perspective – not to mention the downtime your business could suffer as a result. This is one reason why curtain walls are so popular. They’re a fantastic way to overhaul the look and feel of a building, in a minimally invasive manner.  

I’d like more space

The obvious solution for companies who require an expansion or extension to their premises is to look to bricks and mortar. However, curtain walls have plenty to offer for businesses that are upsizing. Provided there is space around the building itself, these giant glass structures can be used to extend a property outwards, providing space for a reception or recreational area.

Whatever your concern or motivation, if you’re looking at redevelopment or relocation, speak to SRL ‘s team of experts first. We have a range of innovative, cost-effective solutions designed to offer businesses the best of both worlds.

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