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Traditionally, locks on doors, flimsy roller shutters kept out most burglars.

It simply isn’t the case anymore. Robbers are becoming more brazen with their attacks. In a recent jewellery heist in Coventry, the robbers rammed through a shop window with a car! Though they made off with jewellery, the use of modern security equipment is helping the police in their investigations.

While many new shop owners rely on security measures bestowed by their location i.e. in a shopping centre or on the High street, more often than not, it’s wholly inadequate. Considering that many shopping centres have multiple levels with up to ten shops each, it’s impossible for mall security to be effective all the time. This opens up shopkeepers to the risk of opportunistic burglars.

Securing your store doesn’t have to be expensive.

Having said that,we don’t advise you to hop on eBay and look for used, bargain security equipment. This is your livelihood you are protecting; buying the cheapest model just won’t cut it.

We all know the standard recommendations for security equipment, but many people have no clue about the recent advancements in security. Did you know there are CCTV cameras that can count the number of people that come through your doors; in either direction? There are also cameras that can count the amount of people in a queue and help determine who has been waiting a while. Can you see how technology can help improve customer service?

The following are modern takes on keeping up to date with security and how these methods can safeguard your business:

1. CCTV Cameras.

Rather than opting for the cheapest used CCTV system you can get off Gumtree, upgrade to an IP video system. These modern versions of CCTV are designed to display clear, live streaming, high definition images over the internet to any receiver you specify. This may be your internet-enabled TV, your smartphone, a secure control centre; practically anywhere. And in real-time too. These cameras can clearly view details such as faces, tattoos, license plates etc.

Depending on their location, you can buy either a fixed or motion detecting model. They also have the option of local data storage or remote storage.

2. Limit Access Control.

The number one cause of retail shrinkage is employee theft. Collusion with external elements is the most common form of this. Limiting access to key areas of the store is vital. You can install doors that require electronic keys or keycards to open them. Every use of these keys will be recorded in a database, making it easier to track the movement of employees and stock.

Whether you have security doors, collapsible grilles or shutters, ensure that the installation is done by a professional. We’ve seen cases where the area around the door frame and the area around the door were smashed away, giving burglars access to the shop. If a professional had installed the shutters, they would have double-checked the frame and surrounding area.

3. Tag Expensive Items.

In the past, this was one way to reduce retail shrinkage. These days, asset tags have become more sophisticated as they can contain micro-transponders that allow the shopkeeper to monitor the location of individual items. Whether in the stock room or on display on the shop floor, smart-tags allow the store’s IT system to keep tabs on the location at all times.

4. Smoke Deterrents.

A newer burglar deterrent is the fog security system. This deterrent is based on the premise that the reaction time of law enforcement is usually not fast enough to apprehend the burglars in the act. Hence, when they break in, a thick layer of fog is quickly dispensed into the room, effectively blinding them. At this point, they either try to escape immediately or fumble around and get caught in the act. This deterrent is highly effective as the instant loss of sight destabilises the burglars’ motives.

These days, all these deterrents can be linked together, so that when one is triggered, the security system can notify a pre-arranged contact. Whether your store is part of a shopping centre or on a corner in the High Street, you should be focused on attracting new business and meeting sales targets. Worrying about burglars is one thing you would prefer to avoid.

Taking into consideration shrinkage and other expenses, you would also be keen to reduce costs.

But by avoiding the installation of quality security equipment, you’re putting your business at a greater risk. Let SRL Limited supply and install toughened steel roller shutters for your shop.

Not keeping up to date with security? Contact us today.

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