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Roller shutters became popular in the 1970’s and were originally used as a substitute for the previously used wooden sliding or revolving doors.

Roller shutters were a 1970’s trend and were mainly used for industrial doors in large entrances where machinery and equipment were transported in and out.

They were originally single walled steel laminations, due to the energy crisis in the seventies there was a huge demand to save energy and as roller shutter provided better insulation they proved very popular. Since, designs have become better, stronger and more flexible.

How did the roller shutter evolve?

Approx. 1910: sees the production of the first components for roller shutters: wire clamp for the connection of individual roller shutter slats with wooden roller shutters.

1920s: Development and production of first roller shutters, initially still from solid metal.

1961: in Arolsen near Kassel, roller shutters were made.

1960s: Saw the first roller shutter launched with a spindle-driven end shut-off system.

1970s: Roller shutter really hit the market and became popular.

Approx. 1994: Saw the first roller shutter drive with mechanical torque recognition, obstacle detection and overload cut-out.

The days have been and gone where you had to battle with your roller shutter, pushing and tugging to close them. Roller shutters are now spring loaded for ease of use and SR Ltd have developed high specification models and have a large range of electrically operated solid and perforated curtain security shutters. We provide bespoke specifications to deter vandalism and robbery whilst at the same time allowing consideration for aesthetic purposes.

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