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As a business owner or manager of any type of commercial property, safety and security likely feature high on your list of priorities. It can be overwhelming to consider every key element involved in keeping a property up to standard – but it’s also essential. Fire doors are an asset to all business premises – and many residential properties. Here we explain why you may need steel fire doors – and how they can prevent damage and even death in the event of an emergency.

Fire can happen anywhere, anytime, to anyone

Whether you own a commercial or residential building, there’s one supposedly unlikely issue you’re likely to be concerned about. Whilst fire is often dismissed as uncommon, it’s a serious threat. Fires can occur for numerous reasons – from faulty electrical wiring or negligence to accidental and environmental factors. Fire alarms and notification systems are essential – but by the time you are aware of a fire at your premises, it’s often too late to minimise the damage caused. This is where fire doors become an additional safety net – reducing the potential for devastation and even death.

Fire doors protect and prevent fire from spreading

Fire is destructive and difficult to combat. Once it takes hold, it can spread incredibly quickly – which is why it can gut large buildings in a matter of hours. Whilst it’s easy to identify at-risk areas, it’s impossible to know when and where a fire will break out. With this in mind, containing fire and preventing it from travelling throughout a property is a key priority. This is where fire doors come into their own. They are specifically designed to keep fire from spreading from room to room and building to building – also containing lethal smoke to aid swifter and safer evacuation.

Fire doors need to be up to specification – and regularly inspected

Fire doors must undergo stringent assessment to be fit for purpose. They are manufactured in a specific way, mounted into specialist frames – sometimes with additional mechanisms to aid their ability to hold back flames and smoke. It’s also worth remembering that you need to ensure that your fire doors are still operating at full capacity – and for this regular inspections need to be carried out. If you currently have dated fire doors in your property, it’s important to ensure that they are still working properly and have been fully assessed for safety and efficiency.

Fires with ‘happy endings’ tend to have been contained in the early stages – or before they have spread out of control. A fire door could be the difference between an accident and a tragedy. Speak to our specialists today to enquire about our fully regulated, high quality steel fire door range.

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