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Often high street retailers feel they are limited by their surroundings. Destined to ‘blend in’, they plump for the ‘safe’ option and invest in an exterior which fits in perfectly with the appearance of the businesses around them – and as a result, they camouflage themselves against a backdrop of similar-looking retailers.

Often however high street businesses succeed because they are new and exciting – eye-catching and novel, they simply can’t be ignored. If you’ve been in business for a while, then a significant change (however large or small) which sets you apart from the rest could be as beneficial as a full re-launch – and if you’re only just starting out thinking outside the box could put you in pole position and give you a tangible advantage over the competition.

So how could a touch of innovative design prevent your business from melting into the background, bringing it to the forefront and as a result increasing footfall and sales?

Do something different to attract attention and stand out from the crowd

It’s undeniably true that doing something a little unconventional or straying from the norm attracts attention. Different gets people talking – and most importantly it gets them walking through your door ready to explore what’s inside. Although there may be some limitations, doing something different doesn’t have to be daring to be effective. Simply going for a brightly coloured paint or using metallic cladding could separate you from the businesses around you – so don’t underestimate the power of small changes.

Trigger excitement with a touch of the exotic

The reason many people love to go on holiday is to experience something different – to taste new cultures, see something new. Tap into this ‘exotic’ mentality by offering a completely new experience which simply can’t be matched by any neighbouring business. This design-led attention to detail on the exterior inevitably sparks curiosity in passers-by and increases the likelihood of them stepping over the threshold and exploring the interior, too.

Go all out or make subtle yet significant changes

Design is versatile in that it can be influential even when small changes are implemented in the scheme. Construction and planning law sometimes dictate the limitations of what can be done – but eye-catching design can be subtle rather than obvious. For example, cladding, painting and accessorising are examples of relatively low-cost yet high-impact alterations. Adversely you may wish to completely overhaul the appearance of your premises to make a bold statement – and with this type of ambition, the sky is the limit. If you do decide to go ahead with an ‘all out’ alteration, speak to professionals like us to determine how your objectives can be reached in line with your budget and any environmental factors to ensure you get it right.

We’re specialists in shopfront renovation and design implementation. Speak to us today about how you could revamp your shop front and increase footfall.

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