Domestic Security Shutters: They Do A Job, And They Do It Well

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Every homeowner is concerned about the security of their property and possessions.

Naturally, if you’ve worked hard for something, you’ll do everything in your power to protect it. The problem is not all forms of home security are equally effective. Yes, alarms have their place, as do security grills and CCTV, but burglaries and thefts still happen. So what about roller shutters? It might seem odd to even consider fitting a security shutter to your home: after all, surely they’re intended for businesses, aren’t they?

Well, actually that isn’t strictly true.

Security roller shutters are equally at home in both domestic and commercial situations. They’re there to do a job, and they do it well. Still not convinced, then consider these four benefits:


Roller shutters are not just strong and sturdy, offering a visible deterrent to potential burglars, they’re also extremely flexible. Steel or aluminium roller shutters can be powder coated so that they blend with the decorative look of your home. They also roll out of the way when you don’t need them.


Many homes are subjected to burglary and vandalism every year. This problem will only be compounded as growing financial insecurity is driving more people to crime. There is a belief that nothing can be done to prevent this. However, that clearly isn’t the case. Security shutters can help to secure your home and overcome these problems: what’s more, they can do it without making your home look unappealing or prison-like. Shutters can be designed to blend with your home aesthetically. What’s more, the heavy duty materials used to manufacture them will make you feel safer when you’re out at work or absent for the weekend.


Roller shutters installed on your home will keep the warmth in when you need it and keep the cold out during the winter. Roller shutters are great insulators and can save you money. What’s more, they can make your home more fuel-efficient, and that has to be good for the planet.

Low Maintenance.

Roller shutters are built to last for years so need very little maintenance. At worst they’ll need a coat of paint every year or two, but other than that they are pretty much maintenance- free. Should there be any sort of unforeseen problem, SRL Ltd have a team of dedicated maintenance specialists on call who will maintain your domestic security shutters and fix any problems that may occur.

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