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Often shopfronts are designed and constructed with the sole purpose of improving first impressions and increasing footfall in mind. The aesthetic requirements are matched to the capabilities of materials, manufacture, architectural constraints construction to create something perfect for the client in question. With an increasing number of businesses opting for the eco-friendly option in many areas of operation, it makes sense that the exterior should match any efforts made on the interior and inner workings of a company. So how can you create a lasting impression whilst minimising your lasting effect on the environment and leaving a legacy to be proud of?

Use sustainably sourced materials

This is one of the most reasonably simple things you can do when considering a curtain wall, shopfront or other exterior alteration or fit-out. Requesting that the company taking care of your installation use materials which are recycled or have been sourced responsibly wherever possible is an easy way to cut your carbon footprint and share your eco-friendly attitude with customers. Certain materials must be sourced through specialist companies, such as protected types of timber and stone. This type of consideration is most relevant with timber, as accredited suppliers replace each tree they fell with a new one and ensure that the environment surrounding the plantation and wildlife within it are well cared for.

Consider future impact

What future impact will your installation have on the environment around it? Will it degrade quickly? Generally your shopfront or business exterior will only negatively affect the surrounding area aesthetically if it isn’t properly maintained or cared for – or if elements fall off or cause leaks and other unpleasant issues. Yet with a little careful forward planning, you can ensure your installation positively impacts the environment around it for years to come. Incorporating plant materials or resilient elements which weather beautifully over time are good examples of this.

Minimise wastage

Naturally when materials are manipulated, shaped and sized some wastage occurs. This can be reduced or avoided altogether with some intelligent design and innovative craftsmanship – so again is wastage is a concern you can liaise with your installers in the early stages of your project to ensure as little as possible ends up in a landfill. If your design is particularly complicated and incurs a lot of waste product, you can arrange for it to be recycled or reused, rather than simply thrown away.

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