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Regardless of where you stand on the debate on climate change, we can all feel a change in the environment.

A study by scientists, in June, found that we are at our highest recorded levels of CO2. The increased atmospheric CO2 manifests as freak storms, tornadoes and flooding.

Up to half of the UK’s carbon emissions come from buildings; 27% from homes and another 17% from non-domestic buildings.

The government in a bid to curb this has committed itself to achieving large reductions in CO2 emissions within the Kyoto Agreement and have also set a target for all new homes to be “Zero Carbon” from 2016. They plan to achieve this by focusing on building more energy efficient buildings. Individuals can also do their bit and reduce emissions from their homes.

Windows are a major cause of heat loss in all buildings. Approximately 20% of energy lost from a building is through its windows and doors so improving their energy efficiency, imparts a positive effect on the energy efficiency of the building as a whole.

Doors are just as susceptible to heat loss, especially if they don’t fit the frame. Heat can be lost at multiple points:

  • between the door and frame.
  • through the glass in patio doors.
  • between the door, frame, and sill.

Heat loss through doors can be reduced through careful choice of the door, its location, and proper installation and maintenance. You can reduce heat loss simply by placing a door out of the path of prevailing winds, by locating it on the leeward side of a house, or by providing windbreaks.

When buying doors, it can be hit and miss choosing between the many options out there. One area where people get it wrong is in thinking price equals quality. Expensive doors have been tested and performed poorly, and cheaper doors have performed excellently. A more expensive door doesn’t necessarily equate to better energy efficiency.

When choosing doors, the BRFC recommend you focus on these criteria when choosing:

  • Low-E, (Low Emissivity) glass.
  • the Energy Star partner badge to determine correct thermal performance.
  • Check the Energy Rating, (ER)

At SRL Limited, we recommend you check these other factors:

  • Check that the materials used in the frame have high insulating values.
  • Check that the weather-stripping is made with durable materials.
  • Look for doors with low-maintenance materials.

Energy efficient doors can cost up to 10% more than standard doors, but the savings in energy costs over time is well worth it.

Using energy efficient glass in your windows and doors can save up to 12% in space heating costs. Depending on your location, they can also grant savings in cooling costs. Ultimately, keeping your home warm and at comfortable temperature is about you being comfortable In your home. Take the time to check your existing doors and windows now, to remove all causes of air leakage, drafts and radiative heat loss.

SRL Limited offers with high ER glass folding patio doors that will keep your home warm and cosy this winter.

Quality service and professionalism is our watchword and we’d love to have you join our happy and satisfied customers.

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