Expanding Grilles: One More Barrier For Burglars

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Security is a primal, primary concern of all humans.

Anything we cherish, we want to protect. Homes, cars, offices, family, even gadgets can all be protected and insured these days. While many businesses , farms and warehouses use complex security systems to protect them, what options exist for homes, flats and offices?

The saying goes ‘Your home is your castle’, but it would be impractical to dig a moat and install a drawbridge in this day and age. Especially if you live in a rented apartment. How then do you protect your property and loved ones?

Stop the intruders by installing a barrier at the potential points of entry.

Some homeowners opt to use motorized roller shutters on doors and windows. These provide excellent protection and have great insulation properties.

Other homeowners may not be as keen, as they feel they are not ‘easy on the eyes’. While you can paint them to match/complement your building façade, some still feel it makes their home ‘an industrial appearance’. There are other options for those who want maximum security while still maintaining an appealing façade.

One way is to use expanding grilles. These are basically a heavy-duty, retractable steel screens with cut-outs or spaced bars. Their open design allows the free flow of air and light into rooms while maintaining high levels of security at the same time. They are mostly used on verandas and patios, as these provide relatively easy access to your property. Another common location for expanding grilles is in flats or shared accommodation. They allow the flat dweller to see visitors before granting them entry. Some are even placed behind wooden doors to give a double layer of protection.

Using grilles at home allows one to enjoy the view while still offering a level of security. The one thing their design doesn’t allow is, to provide any form of insulation.

Grilles provide a practical and workable solution as they can be retracted to allow air flow through, and quickly shut for protection when needed. Some homeowners even go as far as designing custom grilles to match their property. While their diamond-shaped cut-outs may seem like they offer little protection, but they are a nightmare for burglars to cut through.

If you choose to install expanding office grilles, ask your supplier the following questions:

  • Has the door been attack tested?
  • Do all its’ elements i.e. hinges, locks, grille etc., meet approved standards?
  • Are they coated to withstand the elements?
  • Is there a warranty and what are the terms?
  • Is maintenance included in the purchase?
  • How long will your installation take?

Knowing these answers to these questions and knowing what to expect at every stage of the process can help you decide which installer to work with. An installers’ answers or lack thereof can help you make a buying decision.

At SRL Limited, we supply and install expandable grilles for offices and homes. Whether you want to cover a 4 x 4 feet window or a 12 by 6 feet patio, we can accommodate your requirements. Call us today for a quote.

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