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Even when significant investment in a business’ overall look is required, it’s easy to plump for a basic design and basic accompanying elements. Yet it’s crucial that your design is carefully considered – and is unique to your business. Here are three good reasons not to blend in – and why customisation of your shop front and exterior elements could help you to edge out your competition.

Your brand is what gets you noticed

It’s likely that you’ve spent a considerable amount of time (and money) building your brand. This is how customers recognise you – and how potential clients make an assessment concerning the quality of the services and products you offer. You need to catch the eye of your target market, without placing barriers in their way that could prevent them from interacting with you. With this in mind, it’s crucial that your shop front and exterior perfectly match any signage or other key points of identification. Bringing your branding together and presenting it seamlessly ensures that your business looks professional, approachable and presentable.  This is why at SRL we ensure that doors, windows, roller shutters and more can all be customised in line with your individual branding.

Customers assess your business based on the visual impression you provide

Whether your branding is prominent or not, passers-by and potential customers are still going to come to a conclusion about the type of business you run based on what they see. If your colours are out of sync, if your fixtures look tired or dirty or if you’ve incorporated gaudy, unpleasant hues or features within your design you could be putting them off. Providing the wrong impression can result in disappointment – or worse, cause them not to engage with your business at all.

When thinking about altering your shop front design, ask yourself what your customers want to see. Go outside and look carefully at your shop front. Does its appearance really reflect your business? If not, it’s time to make some changes. At SRL we specialise in enabling businesses to implement small and large alterations to increase footfall and revenue. For example, new windows, a lick of paint or a fresh colour scheme can really brighten things up and increase your chances of growing your customer base.

A better shop front benefits surrounding businesses

Another often forgotten advantage of investing in an eye-catching exterior is the benefit that this brings to the surrounding area. The British high street has come under fire in recent years from large out of town shopping centres – with many businesses fighting to stay open. When one business overhauls its look and attracts footfall, surrounding companies can ‘piggyback’ and benefit from their success, implementing their own changes to rehabilitate the local area. The most successful high streets are those that have undergone significant regeneration, filled with quirky independent businesses reclaiming a unique identity all of their own. This is something to seriously consider – as making the street your business is situated on a retail destination can only be a good thing for all concerned.

For details of our custom design provision and powder coating services take a look at our dedicated pages.

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