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It goes without saying that no two businesses are the same. Even when they sell the same product or appear to possess the same ethos, they’ll be run differently, project a different impression of their brand and are likely to have different clientele. When planning or redesigning an exterior or shopfront for a business, these things need to be taken into account. As specialists, we need to understand where you sit in relation to your competitors now, how you’d like to come across, and where you’d like to be in the future. Although there is no ‘one sizes fits all’, certain types of finish are suitable for certain types of business – depending on their end goal, purpose and customer base. With this in mind, which exterior finish is best for your business?

Natural materials can be rustic or contemporary

The great thing about natural materials like timber and stone is that they are incredibly versatile. This enables many businesses to incorporate them into their exterior design – in a number of innovative ways. The look and feel of these components can be manipulated depending on the desired finish and overall effect – for example, raw hewn stone slabs and slate coupled with weathered timber may be perfect for an eco-café, outdoor retailer or visitor centre – whilst smoothed wood and sophisticated polished stone give an upmarket, contemporary feel.

Glass will always be eye-catching

Glass can really be breath-taking when used in the right way – and it’s certainly an important factor in any building’s composition. This is especially true if you are customer-facing and have something to sell – as footfall is bound to increase when they get a clear view of what you have to offer them.

Traditional materials don’t need to be boring

Often bricks and mortar can be overlooked by businesses owners feeling they need to cover them up with expensive cladding to attract customers. In fact, traditional materials when used correctly can be charming and can even help you to stand out when other retailers are hiding the bare bones of their buildings beneath metal and carbon fibre.

Stand out from the crowd

If you want to make a statement and stand out amongst surrounding businesses then there really are endless options which don’t necessarily need to be ‘obvious’ or gaudy. Statement pieces and unique elements are bound to create a significant point of difference – and all of these options can be discussed and conceptualised by professionals with experience in creating bespoke shopfront designs.

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