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With so many transactions now occurring over the internet, traditional stores are finding they are spending more time on their online presence than they do on their physical one. But at a time when increased footfall is a priority, your shopfront should also be number one on your list of things to do. Here are just a few reasons why:

Your first chance could be your last

Even when customers come to you on the back of a word of mouth recommendation, you may still find that they leave you behind once they reach your door. This could be for a number of reasons – perhaps you the paint on your wooden window frame is peeling, or the glass in your door is misted and grubby.

Many customers still love the ‘real’ shopping experience

Despite the ease and convenience of an online shop, many consumers still love to get out of the house and indulge in a little retail therapy, browsing and trying products before they buy. Consider your clients: if you also sell online yet still have a physical presence, then there must be a reason why. Ask yourself: are the products or services I sell easily available in the local area or online? Would a customer prefer to browse in my shop, or surf the Internet quickly from the comfort of their own home? Some items are easier to pick up via the internet – but others such as clothes and holidays. Depending on your audience, you may find they prefer to see traditional wares now easily sourced and located online in the flesh – for example, elderly people. A traditional, friendly service plus that face to face conversation and care they crave cannot be underestimated – but are these old-school clients passing your shop by in favour of a smarter looking competitor?

The ‘big boys’ are losing capital

Not so long ago, large companies with huge out of town stores were monopolising a market once shared by a handful of trusted local retailers. Many went out of business – but some prevailed. Some were lucky – but others were clever, helping in turn to revitalise tired, worn-out and unattractive high streets in a return to the glory days of local shopping. They did this by revamping their shopfronts, spending in a time when others clung to their withering profits. Many rebranded, some returned to an upmarket yet traditional style to entice new clients, offering artisan goods to push profits back up. You are still in competition with larger conglomerates – and whilst your advantage is clear to you, it may not be clear to your customers. Show them that you care about what you do, that you are the best at what you do – purveyors of high-quality, unique goods. This starts with the first impression a potential customer gets when they spy your premises – so take this into account when considering where your marketing budget should be allocated.

For more information on revitalising and rejuvenating your shop front to present the best possible image to potential clients, get in touch.

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