Forget A Vacation, Stay Indoors and Keep Cool This Summer

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Temperatures have been reaching 32oC last week.

So it’s no wonder the MET office has forecast potential heatwave conditions for parts of the South East, London, the East Midlands and West Midlands, the East of England and for later this week, as it declared a Level 2 Heat-health alert. This level of warning is triggered when the MET office anticipates that there is a 60% or higher chance of temperatures staying high on 2 consecutive days.

These high temperatures can cause illnesses and trigger conditions in vulnerable groups of the society, such as older people, who feel the acute effects of heat more than others.

It has also been documented that death rates are higher in the early stages of heatwaves.

With the PHE giving recommendations for keeping our homes cool and advising us to drink more water (gee, thanks), at SRL Limited, here are some of the ways we advice you to keep cool and carry on this summer:

Assess your openings.

Windows: The integrity of buildings degrade over time, and the windows are no exception. After a while, they start to leak and fog up. Rotting frames and loss of insulating qualities are some common window problems. Even double-paned glass that is a few years old is subject to this degradation. Replacing windows with double or triple glazing, using gases like argon, krypton, and xenon provide better insulation, as these have lower thermal conductivity than air, so insulate better.

Aim to reduce the level of humidity in the house.

Trying to cool a humid space will require more electrical power than normal. You should invest in a dehumidifier, to help achieve this. Humidifiers can also help remove moisture from the air, allowing air conditioners work more efficiently. One way to quickly cool the house is to open up closed doors that keep warm air trapped inside.

Selective Cooling.

While you may be tempted to crank up the AC in all rooms, it is a sure path to incurring an enormous bill. Instead, be mindful of the rooms that actually need cooling i.e. the rooms in use at selected times. Another way to tap into this is to use fans instead of the AC. Studies show the way a fan cools you down is the actual breeze travelling across your skin that makes you feel cooler. It doesn’t have to affect the temperature in the room. This means you can turn off the fan when you are not in the room.

Making a few changes.

Making a few changes to our daily routines can also help. By opening windows across form each other, we can improve the flow of air via cross-ventilation. We can also snap out of the habit of opening blinds on bright days. While you may be tempted to let light in, at these temperatures, you will also be letting in so much radiant heat that you will be heating up your home too, by a process called heat gain

Assess your openings: Doors.

Installers are keen to sell you on the frames that give them the best ROI. Depending on your budget and available space, ensure that you do your due diligence and find door materials that will provide excellent structural integrity. Part of this integrity is the seals on all four sides of the door. The choice of gas used for the panels on the door also determine its insulating properties.

We are usually more bothered about preparing our homes for winter, taking the necessary steps to prepare our homes for summer can save costs in the long run. From lowering cooling bills to even avoiding vacation expenses, applying a few of these tips can put a few quid back in your pocket.

At SRL Limited, our bifold patio doors are top of the range with excellent insulating properties. Our qualified team of engineers and fitters work with you to determine the best patio door for your home. Call us today for a quote.

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