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In the last five years, 87, 000 patio doors have been installed in homes across the UK.

Now is as good a time as any, to kick off that home renovation you wanted to do by installing a patio door. Your partner has the design part of the equation sorted; the exact finish that matches your existing décor and the exact glass design, have all been picked. You, on the other hand, still have to choose a solid and durable bifold door.

Being wary of pushy salesmen, you hop online for some more information.

The features you want to be examine are the material of the frame, the energy efficiency, any warranties, types of glass used, locks etc. In discussing function over form, let’s walk through what to look for when picking a patio door.

Door Material.

Consider the prevailing weather conditions around your home. With many options available ranging from oak to vinyl, one can be tempted to pick a ‘nice-looking one’. That would be wrong as any door can be treated to achieve the look you want. Your main focus should be how the material stands up to weather.

Most types of wood will swell and warp over time, but teak has been found to resist moisture. The more commonly used materials these days are fibreglass and aluminium. While they are able to repel water and withstand harsh temperatures, they still have to be periodically treated with weatherproofing substances.

Professional Installation.

Ensure a qualified installer comes to fit the door. Ask to see if they are a member of FENSA, CERTASS or GGF. Having a competence person fit your door is one way to guarantee its’ hassle-free usage. Attempting to fit it yourself or with friends will usually lead to problems and most likely void part of your warranty.

Energy Efficiency.

Choosing energy efficient doors are one way of investing in yourself. With the right features, a patio door can pay for itself by saving your energy bills. Some of them include:

  • Having an inert gas, usually, Krypton or Argon, put between the frames. Inert gases do not allow air to flow through easily, thus yielding a much more efficient patio door.
  • The use of insulated frames to also keep air out and contribute to better energy efficiency levels.
  • The use of fusion welding for the whole door helps to create a more solid and cohesive unit.
  • Special treatment processes can be carried out on the windows that make it difficult for condensation to form. This, in turn, lowers the chances of seals wearing out.
  • Choosing the right kind of glass also helps improve efficiency levels.

Ease Of Use.

You don’t want to have to be on the phone constantly to technical support when you accidentally lock yourself in, for the fifth time in five months. Ask for a range of doors that have been on the market for a few years. All the kinks would have been sorted by now..Bear in mind that you also want to pick a material that is easy to care for.

This may seem like a long list of things to consider, but if you are serious about saving money and getting a solid door, you should check each one of these. Even after all these checks, be sure to ask about a warranty. The industry standard is up to ten years on selected components. Be sure to know exactly what the warranty covers and how long it is covered for.

Whether its a Grille or Clear design for the glass or an oak or mahogany finish, we can help you create your unique door. Contact SRL Limited today and take advantage of our speedy delivery.

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