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How could bi-fold doors add light and space to your interior?

Many homeowners struggle with two issues in the home – lack of space, and poor lighting. In fact, the need to resize is behind over 40% of property sales in the UK. But recently there has been a focus on smart solutions that enable families to save the money, time and hassle involved in moving house through remaining in their current home. Aluminium residential bi-fold door system installation is just one of the innovative methods builders and architects are employing to transform cramped, dark spaces into bright, airy living areas. Here we explain why, and demonstrate how bi-fold doors can be incorporated throughout the home with surprising advantages.

Aluminium residential bi-fold doors open up, separate and combine spaces flexibly

One clear benefit of aluminium residential bi-fold doors is their flexibility. Although this is essentially just one product comprised of glass and aluminium, it has many applications and provides a solution to a range of common issues in the home. For example, bi-fold doors can be used both indoors and outdoors. They’re especially useful for transitional spaces, in situations where outside space needs to be accessible and included in an interior design scheme. They enable a room to become one within minutes, or remain separate for as long as needed. Good quality bi-fold doors are incredibly well insulated and can keep hot or cold air and sound at bay when required.

Bi-fold doors are aesthetically pleasing

Designed to be ergonomic and contemporary looking, bi-fold doors are an aesthetically pleasing addition to any home. They blend effortlessly into a range of styles and design schemes – and despite their modern appearance they are perfect for heritage properties and extensions to older buildings. At SRL we specialise in powder coating – a method that enables aluminium and other materials to be ‘painted’ in an incredible range of colours. This means that you can match your doors up with interior or exterior colours – from gunmetal grey and duck egg blue to canary yellow and post-box red. Bi-fold doors also let natural light pour into or through rooms in the house – providing an ‘open plan’ feel and considerably brightening up your interior.

Bi-fold doors are energy efficient

Whilst adding a bank of windows to your home may not sound like an economical option at first, new generation bi-fold doors are actually designed to be eco-friendly. Double-glazed with contemporary glass and engineered to ward away draughts, they’re not at all flimsy or filled with gaps as traditional variations used to be. The addition of natural light also means you may be able to save on electricity bills, especially as the nights draw in quickly during winter months.

Aluminium residential bi-fold doors are versatile

Some building solutions are only suitable for specific applications. For instance, an extension is only an option for homeowners who have the right amount of space in the right place with a sufficient budget. The beauty of bi-fold doors is that they can fit into almost any property with ease. Whether you have a very small space to work with, an awkwardly shaped room or unique requirements, bi-fold doors are likely to be a viable solution that can easily be worked around your needs.

At SRL we specialise in providing a range of aluminium products for both residential and commercial applications. 

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