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Most business owners with premises take care and attention when addressing their outside appearance. They are proud and keen to show off what they do and how they do it better than their competitors. It’s rarely this gusto and thirst for new custom which is in question with a poorly thought-out shopfront – but rather a lack of insight and an inability to see the shop from a client perspective (something which is a difficult thing for many retailers to comprehend). Here we’ve listed four things you could potentially be doing unwittingly which might give clients a less than favourable opinion of your business – with a few clever, simple tips to help you solve them in no time.

Dodgy displays

Seasonal displays are fun and eye-catching – but they have to be done to a high standard to result in appeal rather than apprehension. We’ve all walked past a shop only to do a double-take for all the wrong reasons – a dummy with a frightening face and a grubby doll to promote babywear, the five foot high gorilla and strange rotting pumpkin for Halloween. Often, keeping things simple and fresh is the key to attracting new custom – and whilst seasonal displays are undoubtedly a fantastic marketing tool, they do need to be executed to a high standard with quality props and a decent budget if they are to offer the best possible impression.

Well-meaning signage

Words undoubtedly complement a well thought-out display – but only if they are spelt correctly! Poor grammar (think potato’s, apple’s and offer’s) was cited as one of the bugbears of discerning shoppers and one of the most irksome off-putting elements for them when surveyed. If you want to include signage in your displays then simply spell the word on a word processor before handwriting it – or invest in professional signage created by professionals to ensure there are no embarrassing mishaps.

The never-ending ‘sale’

It’s undeniably true that everybody loves a bargain and with that in mind, some retailers decide that every day is ‘sale day.’ The truth is, whilst at best this can draw thrifty, bargain-hungry consumers to your door, sometimes it can come across as insincere and a little desperate. If a ‘never-ending sale’ is a stalwart marketing tactic in your business, how about trying something new to excite and entice customers? They’ll be much more likely to spot something difference against the usual backdrop of ‘bargain basement’ marketing and you may attract new clients who are willing to spend more.

Poor framing

Many shop owners tend to agonise over what is displayed in their shop window, only to forget about the surrounding façade and the impression that it gives in conjunction with what’s inside. At SRL we specialise in refits but also in refurbishments – meaning you don’t have to completely overhaul the exterior of your premises to achieve a fresh, polished and professional look. If you’re not sure your shopfront is in need of TLC just yet, it might be worth giving it a ‘health check’ to ascertain where potential future issues may arise (perhaps some elements are wearing out or cracking) and always invest in a deep clean every now and again to keep surfaces shining.

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