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With well over £27 billion spent annually on DIY in the UK, covering everything from decorating, roofing to plumbing, we seem to be a pretty hands-on nation.

The truth is many of us are scared stiff of cowboy tradesmen. The official figures show that that three in ten customers report dissatisfaction with the work done by tradesmen.

Yet many high-street stores attempt to cash in by stocking ‘everything’ you need for that repair job. Most times we are led to believe we can fix ANY home improvement problem. While this may be true of issues like repainting, bleeding radiators and clearing blocked toilets, not every repair is so easily done.

A common example is the garage door.

You go to drive out one fine morning and it just doesn’t respond. You bang the remote, pull the release chain and it still stays frozen. Getting your toolbox out, you decide to ‘fix’ it. After all, how hard can it be?

You would be surprised at how hard. You do know tradesmen actually go to school to learn their trade and nothing stacks up to years of experience. Apart from lacking the required expertise, the following are more reasons why you shouldn’t attempt to fix a busted garage door yourself.

Knowledge. Attempting to repair a garage door using an owners manual that discusses only troubleshooting is pretty fool-hardy. Yes, there will probably be tons of videos on YouTube for reference, but how sure are you that the same model examined on YouTube is the exact same one you have? That being said, do you know where and how all the parts go together? From springs to laths, can you really take them apart and fit them back together?

Remember that professional tradesmen have probably seen this issue time and time again and can quickly get it sorted.

Safety. The garage door is typically one of the heaviest ‘appliances’ in the house. Weighing in at around 100 lbs, this is not a piece of kit to be handled lightly. Accidents involving garage doors include broken bones and bruising if one is caught under a falling door.

This is one reason, safety mechanisms like torsion springs and tracks are used to keep them in place. These can only help minimize the occurrence of accidents.

Attempting to fix your garage door, especially while alone, is a dangerous decision. What happens if it collapses and falls on you? Professionals install, maintain and repair in 2 or 3 man gangs. They understand the implications of having qualified people around them.

  • Benefits. With most items, opening them in an attempt to fix them, while under warranty will lead to you voiding the warranty. Knowing that, how long will your DIY job will last? Is it really worth voiding a professional warranty?

Installers and repair companies can offer comprehensive warranties for parts and labour. Add that to the benefit of their expertise and you begin to understand why they may be the better option.

  • Trade-off. Sure, attempting to fix the door may save you some money assuming you have the technical know-how. But remember that this isn’t your full-time job and you have to do the fix around your already hectic life. The classic time versus money constraint comes up and you have to decide what is a better use of your resources.

This article shows the reasons why trying to DIY your garage door is not a good idea.

You can save in some aspects, but in the long run, it is always best to get professional help.

At SRL Limited, we offer fitting, maintenance and repair of all garage doors, bi-fold patio doors and electric shutters. Give us a call today and let us discuss your needs.

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