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Every property requires maintenance. Sometimes this can be simple work to clear, clean and redecorate. But at other times, though, major overhauls are required, including rebuilds and new features.

When it comes to replacing windows, many people put off the expense and upheaval of replacements. But from a visual and practical perspective, updating tired window installations as soon as you notice them is very important, and can deliver significant savings in the long run.

If you think your windows are in need of attention, here are five key signs that will help you decide what action to take, and what new and innovative products are available to solve the most common issues.

1. Draughty, cold rooms and increased energy bills

If your house fails to heat up significantly in the winter, even with the heating on and the windows closed, it is likely that you are losing significant heat through your window installations. This is the same if you can feel a draught or breeze filtering through to the inside.

All of these point to the fact that old windows need replacing, or that a previously airtight installation is now less secure and needs updating.

Aside from the discomfort of being cold, it is also likely that you are wasting precious energy and money, as heat is lost through an older, inefficient installation.

2. Window fogging, moisture and condensation

If you are suffering from constantly fogged-up windows or windows that are constantly damp on the inside, it is a tell-tale sign that your windows are no longer functioning and that an update is due.

Damp can spread quickly through a room and into the fabric of your building, causing further decay and sometimes structural issues, so it is important that if your windows are sporting these symptoms, you address them quickly. Damp and moisture is also known to contribute to health problems such as asthma, particularly in children.

If you have a wooden window installation damp could rot the entire frame – and this can be especially problematic if you are living in a heritage property. 

3. Visible damage, wear and tear

If the rubber lining coming away on the inside of your PVC or you struggle to open and close one or two particularly stiff windows, it is likely that you need an upgrade.

Additionally cracks in the frame or glass and general wear and tear – whether it’s a small concern or a blinding obvious issue – need to be taken seriously.

Your windows work hard each day to keep out the elements and insulate your home, any minor ailments can soon become major difficulties. 

4. Damage to Wooden Frames

Wooden frames are still popular for some homes, and those wishing to maintain a traditional style. However they are much less hardy and require more maintenance than their rapidly progressing PVC counterparts.

Wood requires consistent attention. It needs to be painted and treated – and professional assistance can be costly.

Plastic window frames have a lot more to offer with improved technology. They can provide a whole host of benefits and energy efficient, low maintenance solutions to common issues previously experienced by homeowners.

For those who want to maintain wooden features, wood-style PVC is more realistic than ever  before.

There are also many other materials to choose from, including brushed steel and titanium to specially treated wood if timber is part of your design scheme.

5, Windows never seem clean

Maintaining clean windows is necessary, not only to keep your home looking good, but also to prevent damage and premature wear and tear that can arise from poorly maintained installations.

If you find yourself cleaning windows, or calling in a professional window cleaner on a regular basis, it may be time to consider self-cleaning glass.

This innovative new glass product uses a special coating that reacts with rainwater to wash off everyday dust, dirt and grime.

Whilst you’ll still need to manually clean them periodically, self-cleaning windows dramatically cut down on the time and expense of constant washing.

For more information on our glass products, windows and doors, get in touch today or browse our services here.

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