How Could A Curtain Wall Benefit Your Business?

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Many commercial landlords and businesses are turning to curtain walling as a robust alternative to costly building or repair work. There are a few reasons for this – and a strong set of advantages which make a curtain wall a safer, more secure and much more cost-effective option when property owners are faced with the prospect of renewal or rebuild. Here we’ve listed a few key benefits of curtain walling for anybody considering utilising a curtain wall system on their premises – from advanced thermal and security functions to cost-saving power and eco-friendly positives.


Curtain walls are very lightweight, so on weighing up the costs of construction and production against traditional building structures (for example, those incorporating brick, stone or concrete) they are an incredibly cost-effective alternative.

Environmentally friendly

Curtain walls allow natural light and energy to penetrate further into a building whilst stopping light and heat energy from getting out, and as a result the usage of electricity and heating in properties incorporating curtain walling is greatly reduced. They also increase the thermal energy generated within a building, saving on heating and increasing ventilation to maintain a better temperature throughout the property.

Increased Sales

Not only do curtain walls have economic benefits, but they also have a few physical qualities too. It’s undeniable that the installation of a curtain wall can vastly improve the aesthetic look of a building which as a consequence can have a positive effect on sales and customer engagement. Not only does a good looking building offer a better impression of you and your business, it also promises to encourage more people through the door increasing profits as a result, as consumers are inevitably drawn to buildings that look inviting and make them feel good.

Long lasting structures with impressive staying power

Curtain walls do not rust or rot, they are easy to clean and they are non-malleable (they do not deform). These crucial characteristics make for hardy, robust installations which easily stand the test of time and won’t need costly rebuild or maintenance work in the short-term to keep them structurally safe and looking in excellent condition.

Curtain walling is versatile and can offer plenty of important benefits for your business or property no matter what size or shape it may be, or how you wish to incorporate a curtain wall with your current design. If you decide that curtain walls are for you and do choose to have them installed, make sure that you are using a good quality and trusted company with plenty of experience to avoid any loose fittings or unsafe products which could cause you issues and cost you money further down the line. If you have any questions we are always on hand to advise and inform – simply contact us for more details.

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