How Could A Curtain Wall Save You money?

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Curtain walls are an aesthetically-pleasing, non-expensive alternative to regular windows as they offer many benefits to the property they ensconce. Not only do they look good and carry a variety of environmental benefits, they can also help you to save on a range of business expenses. Here are just a few ways that curtain walling can save your business money today – and tomorrow.

Curtain walls are non-structural

Curtain wall material can be lightweight and thin and therefore reduces production and construction costs. As they are non-structural they can be incorporated into a variety of projects keeping the overall architectural design without the added financial burden and the often extensive and time-intensive groundwork involved in structural work.

Natural energy and light

Curtain walling incorporates the additional use of glass which means that natural light and energy can penetrate through, improving ventilation and reducing lighting and energy costs overall. This is a great environmental benefit which not only saves money but also reduces your company’s carbon footprint by increasing the energy efficiency of your building or business premises.

All-round windows

Once upon a time, high-rises and skyscrapers carried an enormous construction cost due to the augmented number of building materials required, but also due to the amount of glass and individual window panes which needed to be manufactured and fitted. As curtain walls are used to cover entire buildings in glass, you will save on the money that would have been spent on individual windows – this is especially useful for larger businesses, buildings or workplaces.


Curtain walling is lightweight and can, therefore, be constructed from cost-effective materials such as aluminium. Aluminium is very easy to recycle, is simple to clean and will not rust or rot – making it both good for the environment and resistant to harsh weathering which could compromise the structural safety and aesthetic appeal of a property. When used in conjunction with other materials Aluminium is also light and strong – making it perfect for more delicate or unusual constructions.

If you’re thinking about improving the economic factor of your building and saving money by covering your business premises securely whilst being ecologically friendly, curtain walling is an energy efficient and green way to go ahead. Speak to us today to find out more about the services we offer and how we can design and build a structure which benefits both your business and the environment.

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