How Could An Improved Shop Front Benefit Your Business?

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At SRL we specialise in shop fronts – and as a consequence we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly over the years. Most retail business owners know and understand that their shopfront is their most important asset – as without the draw and attraction of a tempting hook, customers will simply pass your business by on their way to a shiner, better-looking competitor. In this blog we explore the many ways an improved shopfront could benefit your business – and how to implement the necessary changes to achieve shopfront success.

Increase sales

This is likely to be the most important benefit to most business owners – increased footfall, amplified spending, augmented profits and as a result a more successful, prosperous business. A better shopfront results in a better business – but more importantly a lacklustre, neglected shopfront can harm profits. It doesn’t need to be crumbling – just a few cracks here and there and misted glass can be detrimental and cloud the first impression your potential customers get of you and your company.

Gain better publicity

When customers like something, they talk. Similarly, when they dislike something, they talk. This publicity is rarely broadcast openly (other than on Tripadvisor or Wahanda), but instead by word of mouth. Following a revamp, existing customers and local residents may even think a new shop has opened – and rebranding can result in a renewed sense of excitement and flurry of new visitors through the doors which can only be good for business and something to build on for future sales and return visits.

Help the environment

If it’s been a while since you’ve had your shopfront looked at (with the exception of listed buildings), you may find that the materials used in the last or original façade are outdated and rotting or in need of some immediate attention. They may not have actually lasted very long – but luckily, new products on the market promise superior durability and longevity over their traditional counterparts. This means less waste (as fewer refits are needed), but also a kinder impact on the environment as modern materials are often manufactured with sustainability in mind. Additionally, if you choose to ‘go green’, you could also save money on utilities and reduce your carbon footprint all whilst eliminating any visual pollution your existing shopfront may have inflicted upon the surrounding area.

Aid the local economy

If you are trading in a small town or village area, then once one shopfront has been improved, others will inevitably follow. Often businesses and consumers alike take more pride in their local area if things look pretty and new – so by investing in your shopfront, you are actually championing all local business, including independent businesses and outlets. Greater footfall to the area as a whole can only be good for all involved – so if you spark a chain reaction of shopfront improvement, it’s likely you will benefit greatly in the long run and reap the rewards of a fresh and vibrant retail environment.

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