How Could Automatic Doors Benefit My Business?

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Automatic doors once only came in the large, clumsy or rotating variety. However contemporary versions are in fact incredibly versatile, designed to fit seamlessly into a variety of businesses and applications. Here we share just a few benefits for companies of all shapes and sizes to consider when replacing doors and windows.

Increased accessibility

There are now multiple laws encouraging all businesses to take necessary steps to make their premises accessible for those with mobility issues or disabilities – with good reason. However, for businesses occupying older properties, it can be difficult and expensive to make modifications. Being inclusive doesn’t have to be daunting – in fact, automatic doors are a great starting point. They now come in single and double sizes and can slide effortlessly into wall cavities to save space.

Aside from it being important to enable disabled customers to access your business, it’s also positive financially. The more people you accommodate and welcome, the more footfall and interest you’ll receive.  

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is an understandable concern for an increasing number of businesses. It can be especially difficult for those with retail or customer-facing properties to retain heat or cold air when their doors need to be constantly ajar, or open and close frequently. Luckily automatic doors are now designed with energy efficiency in mind. With specific time gaps they can ensure that your business still looks open and inviting to passers-by, whilst making sure that precious energy isn’t lost in the process. Innovative glass and insulation can prevent both sound and hot or cool air from entering or escaping.

A welcoming touch

Sometimes a closed door can represent a closed business – in studies, some passers-by didn’t like to attempt to enter a business if it wasn’t clearly open, marked by a sign or a door kept ajar. With this mind it’s important to always project a welcoming impression to entice potential customers. Automatic doors are perfect for this application – as naturally they slide open as soon as they detect a person in their vicinity. Psychologically they are also an ‘easy’ entry point – requiring little effort from the individual. This could even prompt someone who was going to pass without entering to take a look inside.

A slick impression

Visually businesses must also be appealing to attract custom. Usually made from glass, automatic doors project a slick, streamlined and contemporary impression to potential customers. As they have many different designs and can be adapted to suit even awkward spaces they are often a much more attractive option compared with conventional doors. They also enable people passing by to get a clear view of what’s inside – making it much more likely that they’ll stop and take a look.

If you’re interested in automatic door installation, get in touch today to discuss your requirements with our friendly, professional team.

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