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A key aspect of the efficacy of security features is the quality of their manufacture and the materials they are made from. Although naturally, businesses want to ensure they are getting the best value for money from these types of installations, it’s important to be certain that they can perform when you need them to. In this blog we share some easy steps to help you to choose reliable, reputable products to keep your property safe and secure.

Base your decision on best value, not price

It’s tempting to cut corners when you’re purchasing essentials or covering unexpected outlays. Cash flow is a concern for all businesses – so it’s natural to want to ensure you’re not paying too much. However when making a decision and weighing up product with the price you should remember the key purpose of the installation. Whether you’re opting for railings to prevent theft or a carbon monoxide alarm, the principle reason you’re doing so is to be sure that your business and the people working there are safe.

Ask to see certifications, accreditations and qualifications

Some safety features such as fire doors must be manufactured to a certain standard. Fire doors are designed not only to protect your property but also to keep the people inside it safe. Therefore they are subject to strict specifications – whilst stringent testing ensures that they can keep flames and smoke at bay. Fire doors generally come in two categories – FD30 and FD60 – offering 30 and 60 minutes fire protection respectively. It’s worth speaking at length with your manufacturer about your requirements and getting to grips with the different specifications and certifications.

When purchasing fire doors or security features such as roller shutters, ask to see the manufacturer’s accreditations and test certificates. If the fire doors are being fitted by another party you should also ask what type of seal they are compatible with, and source a frame from the same manufacturer.

Regular inspections

When purchasing steel fire doors and other safety features you should be informed of the date of manufacture so that you can arrange regular testing and inspections. It is a requirement by law that fire doors are inspected regularly each year. You should also check them yourself on a weekly or monthly basis to ensure that there are no obstructions or malfunctions that could impair their operation in the event of a fire.

Where security features are concerned, regular maintenance and inspection is advised to ensure that they are efficient for longer. It’s best to leave this to the professionals – as some companies specialise in maintaining and servicing roller shutters, automatic doors and more.

Concerned about choosing quality safety and security products? SRL products are manufactured using high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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