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Protecting the environment may be the last thing on your mind as a business owner needing to increase footfall – but in fact there are numerous benefits available. Aside from the financial advantages it’s now crucial to demonstrate that you take your environmental responsibility seriously to customers.

In this article we explore how decreasing your carbon footprint through eco-friendly exterior design could increase footfall and benefit your business and the environment.

Go green

Using plants not only brightens up your shop front and catches the eye of potential customers – it also has natural environmental benefits too. Whilst placing small trees, plants or flowers in pots or window boxes is an effective way to incorporate some green glamour into your design, you can go further. ‘Green walls’ or ‘vertical gardens’ are a popular way to inject some fresh air into an urban environment – but they’re also impossible for passers-by to ignore.

Materials matter

The materials you use matter – so this is something you’ll need to discuss with your designers and installers if eco- friendliness is a concern. They can then recommend alternatives to commonly used mediums. For example, strong, high-yield, sustainable Hemp fabric is a great alternative to generic fabrics used for furnishings and awnings. Aluminium (used in curtain walls, signage and structural elements) is almost 100% recyclable. Timber should always be responsibly sourced – but your supplier could go the extra mile and use reclaimed or repurposed wood.

Take it further

Now solar lighting and other forms of low-energy lighting options are much more effective – so you can save on energy. You could also look to install solar panels, a windmill or a rainwater collector to further lessen your establishment’s impact on the environment.

It’s also worth considering the windows and doors you incorporate into your design. Certain types of glass will allow you premises to retain heat whilst keeping the cold at bay and vice versa – making the property more efficient overall.

Are you considering fresh design for your premises or shop front? Get in touch with SRL today.

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