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No business survives for long without making a steady profit.

Achieving this depends on many things, e.g. maintaining safety and security of stock. Paying insurance, security measures such as CCTV and RFID tags are some ways you use to protect your business from loss by theft.

While you may not relish paying those monthly insurance premiums, it is a necessary cost of doing business.

Did you know that you can reduce the amount of your premiums?

By showing the insurance company that you are doing your own bit to protect yourself, you can end up paying less. One way to do this by simply installing security shutters.

Multiple Functions:

The use of security roller shutters cuts across many retailers, from mobile sandwich bars to high-end jewellery stores. The versatility and level of customisation available with roller shutters has made it a go-to option when securing a shop. They can be machined in varying lengths and widths, thus allowing them to cover virtually any opening. Barn doors, warehouse loading bays, pub windows, regardless of the size, there is a shutter available.

Though they are usually constructed from metal, some shop owners prefer PVC or fibre glass. These, however, are more aesthetic choices. For unbridled security, aluminium or steel is used. As there are slight differences in the benefits of either one, your choice will depend on your unique situation. The versatility of metal allows fabricators to create these shutters with different strengths and thickness. Some have been quoted as being ‘only second to a brick wall’. How’s that for protection from something that is easily installed?

Open or Closed:

The style of the roller shutter installed also depends on the type of business you run. Do you want potential customers to be able to see what you have on offer? This will determine if you install a vented, non-vented, in-line or brickbond style. Many retail stores opt for the brickbond option as it offers a good view of the stores display even when it is closed. This allows potential customers see the goods on offer and possibly make a buying decision.

Highly Customisable:

Roller shutter doors can be treated to offer a high level of protection from fire, better insulation and even sound proofing. They can be powder coated to match the internal or external décor. The use of shutter graphics to further brand your store increases customer awareness and possibly sales.

With One Switch:

Forget the old days of winding a crank to open doors. With a single keyswitch, you can guarantee that only authorised personnel can gain access to open the shutter. With improved micro-electronics, the development and use of remote controls has made opening and closing them a cinch.

Roller shutters are a bespoke service, as no two business needs are exactly the same. While one customer may want a roller shutter with a high speed motor to improve on loading times in the warehouse, another may only care about matching the exact shade of red on the company crest with the colour of the shutter. This is one case where bespoke doesn’t mean extravagant.

Taking the steps to protect your business is a proactive and smart decision.

A decision that can lead to an increase in profits by the increased exposure, reduced insurance premiums and reduction in potential theft.

With a quick turnaround time, and the full range of finishes and accessories, SRL Limited is proud to offer you a high quality service at great prices. Call us on 0161 343 6253, and let us help you save on your insurance.

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