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Although the quality of goods is crucial in any business, customers won’t consider experiencing any product or service if they shy away from the buy because their first impression was tainted by dilapidated premises. Unsurprisingly, the overall look of your building inevitably has an impact on the impression that potential customers obtain at first glance. A broken window or unpleasant graffiti can often cause customers to expect a similarly scrappy service.

Maintaining an aesthetically pleasing building is a smart and efficient way to increase sales – especially for newer businesses, as this can really get the ball rolling by catching the eye of passing consumers and drawing them in with something fresh and exciting. If a building looks professional and appealing to the customer’s eye, then sales are more likely to increase – customers will feel that the business is more professional and reliable. A professionally built shop front or curtain wall is a fantastic choice for any business seeking a professional look to attract customers effectively – but aside from investing in something new, how can you protect your existing installation and employ some simple tips to increase footfall and consequently augment sales?


It’s understandable that extremely large buildings are not guaranteed to be clean 24/7, but the overall cleanliness of a building can have an extreme impact on sales. Presenting a building coated in dirt and grime is likely to send customers packing as it projects unprofessionalism and unreliability. It’s simple the exterior of a building reflects on the overall service people will receive.

It’s somewhat understandable to have normal amounts of dirt on a building (especially larger properties), for example everyday occurrences that can’t be prevented, but willingly allowing dirt to build up on the exterior of your building over time is not a smart decision and will definitely have a negative effect on sales. Invest in specialist cleaning services, or if your shopfront is relatively small, make sure you’re tending to it on at least a weekly basis to ensure that signage, glass and timber frames are clean and tidy.

Design and decoration (with improvement where necessary)

It’s no secret that the design of your building plays a vital role in the overall impression that your customers acquire. Not only should your building be clean and well kept, but it should have at least one factor which makes it unique and separates it from other modern architecture. This is how you will set yourself apart from the rest – especially if you’re part of a busy high street or town centre. In larger buildings especially, windows play a prominent role in the attraction of customers. As windows are the part of a building that allow people to see not only the exterior, but also the interior of a business, you’ll want to consider choosing the best style and size of window possible to ensure customers are drawn to your building. Curtain walls are a brilliant choice for any building looking to satisfy the eye of customers as they are an aesthetically pleasing barrier method and also offer reduced construction costs because they are so lightweight, and therefore can be less expensive to produce compared to facades with structural function.

Withstand the test of time

Just as every other building does, yours will no doubt age and therefore essential maintenance work may need to be carried out to keep it looking good and ensuring that it is safe and stable. With older buildings come a few set-backs for any business – especially if they are protected by conservation orders or are classed as listed buildings. Whilst curtain walls are an appealing choice for the customer eye, they deteriorate like any other exterior covering or barrier and eventually the time will come for a replacement. Whilst this will represent an initial investment, it’s a much smarter decision for the safety and success of your business alike.

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