Insulated Roller Shutters – The advantages for Shop Fronts and Business Premises

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Roller Shutters are the perfect choice for shop fronts and a range of business premises. The choice available is wide, from steel security shutters to aluminium powder coated shutters.

However, the insulated Roller Shutters provided by SRL, offer a secure and weatherproof closure to large or small openings. No matter what your business premises is, Insulated roller shutters offer all the advantages of traditional roller shutters, but with the additional advantages of greater thermal and acoustic insulation.

Where can you use Insulated Roller Shutters?

Insulated roller shutters are suitable for many premises, but can be particularly suitable for the following:

  • Loading bays.
  • Factories
  • Warehouses,
  • Domestic environments
  • Any applications where security is required together with thermal insulation.

All of these environments can benefit from a thermally insulated roller shutter. The same can be said for any environment that requires a consistent temperature in a storage facility. A good example of this would be a cold storage facility, where consistent temperature is not only a business imperative but also a health and safety requirement. In this circumstance, SRL’s insulated roller shutters are exactly the right product to deliver the best security and results.

Thermal and Acoustic

The additional benefit of our insulated roller shutters is that, not only do they provide thermal insulation, but they also deliver acoustic insulation as well.

By delivering a high degree of noise insulation, SRLs insulated roller shutters provide a shield from unwanted noise pollution, keeping workers (and even other local businesses) happy.

Precise manufacturing to your specifications

SRL’s insulated roller shutters are custom-designed to your precise specifications. They differ from our standard roller shutters in that the shutter lathes, or door strips, are individually insulated and provide an improved and superior U-value to that stipulated under standard building control regulations.

The beauty of roller shutters is that they provide fantastic security when closed, but also a virtually unobstructed opening and when open, with the shutter and mechanism are out of harm’s way above the doorway and clear of any risk of damage from vehicles moving through the opening.

The addition of insulation to the shutter lathes means that when closed, they provide that extra protection and security that many businesses need.

SRL’s insulated roller shutters offer:

  • Suitability for commercial, industrial and domestic customers
  • Suitability for most applications where security is required together with thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Easy to access and virtually maintenance-free
  • Available in a range of colour finishes to complement your home or business

SRL Insulated Roller Shutters

The doors we manufacture for our clients are robust and have a long life with little maintenance required.  Each door is manufactured to exact opening sizes and is available in chain hoist and electrical operation.

SRL’s insulated roller shutter doors have been used extensively on projects nationwide where their strength and robust design have assured longevity and reliability of operation. From manufacturing and installation to maintenance and servicing, SRL is the complete ‘one stop shop’ for all your insulated roller shutter and insulated roller shutter door requirements.

With over 30 years’ experience in the field we know what we’re talking about. We manufacture, supply, install and maintain all types of commercial doors and roller shutters across the UK, and aim to ensure that our products out-perform rival doors and roller shutters in terms of quality, function, finish and price.

Talk to us today for a quote on the best insulated shutter door options for you and your business.

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