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As a business owner it’s incredibly difficult to know exactly how prospective customers feel when they initially set eyes upon your premises. In fact, it’s impossible to appreciate what it must be like to approach your business for the first time. You’re far too close – so you can’t possibly envisage your company through the eyes of a new customer, or imagine what your first impression could be. However the perspective of your clients is crucial – and the way they feel about your business is everything. Over 60% of high street shoppers say they assess the quality of the services or products an establishment offers based on its external appearance – so with this in mind, how can you ensure that your first impression is a positive one and that you have an inviting shop front?

Ask for feedback

Too few businesses underestimate the power of direct feedback. Although it may seem like an arduous task to individually question each of your existing customers, it’s well worth getting their opinion – as it’s likely to mirror that of potential customers. Any requests they make or changes they suggest you implement should be taken seriously. It’s also well worth doing some market research amongst those who haven’t yet set foot in your shop too – as their comments will be even more valuable and they may have some useful constructive criticism to share.

Review and refresh

It’s advisable to periodically review your external appearance from time to time to see how it could be improved. This doesn’t have to be with a view to making any significant changes or ordering a full refit – maybe some hanging baskets, new lighting or fresh signage could be beneficial. A lick of paint or some other necessary maintenance can also make all the difference – yet often a need for this can be missed when you’re simply entering and leaving each day without looking more closely.

Call in the experts

As soon as you’re armed with a solid plan and a vision in mind it’s time to call in the experts. We can work with you to effectively implement your design with your customers and branding in mind as well as practical factors like budget and durability. Even if you feel you need to consult with professionals regarding the design yet don’t have any concrete design ideas we can advise and guide you based on the information you give us regarding your demographic and objectives.

For more information on our shop front design and installation services please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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