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Many retailers pay a lot of attention to what’s in their shop window. Hours spent agonising over displays, money spent on new props, fresh stock and exciting decoration to entice visitors to cross the threshold and spend. But how much thought is spent on what’s on the outside?

You’ve been framed

Think of the area surrounding your shop window (your shopfront) as the frame for whatever you choose to display within to show your business off. You wouldn’t put artwork by Lowry or Monet in a cheap, tired-looking old frame – so why should your carefully-designed, heavily invested in shop window be treated any differently? Make sure that it is cleaned regularly and that any broken or missing fixtures are replaced straight away – as shoddy surroundings can put off your potential customers.

Picture Perfect

A shopfront consists of several key components, all of which combine to create something truly spectacular both as individual elements and as a whole picture. How many times have you passed a retail outlet by simply because you have judged it on the state of the building or what’s on the outside? First impressions count, and superb shop-fitting is important – yet fruitless if customers don’t step foot through the door in the first place. The effect a stellar shopfront has on the rest of your building and indeed on the window itself and what is contained within simply cannot be underestimated.

A quick fix or a complete overhaul?

The answer to this question depends on your goals and of course, on your budget. We specialise at SRL in stunning shopfronts of all shapes and sizes, incorporating many different materials to create something truly unique for individual businesses subject to brief and requirement. But if you haven’t factored a shopfront refit into your marketing budget this year, then don’t worry – there are plenty of quick fixes which can see your shopfront revitalised and energised ready to sell again. For example, what about some new glass in the window, fresh signage to reflect a recent rebrand, or a lick of paint on wooden panelling and doors? Maintenance is often the key to ensuring your shopfront is always looking as good as it possibly can be – which eliminates the need for regular and costly overhauls to improve your overall image.

A good shop front complements your business, and a brilliant exterior and interior combined are a match made in heaven both for you and your clients.

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