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So you’ve tried to operate your roller shutter and all of a sudden, it’s stopped working.

What do you do?

Well, the first thing you should do is check the 7 common faults, you can do this yourself and potentially prevent the cost of an emergency callout.

What are the most common problems?

1. Power Source

Before you do anything else, check the power source. Is it turned on? Are there any lights to indicate this?

2. Emergency release chain

Pull the emergency release chain to see if the door responds.

3. Tracks/Rails

There may be dirt or debris in the tracks and rails.

Take a look and remove it if there is.

4. Overheating

Have you been operating the door frequently in a short space of time? The motor may have overheated.

Leave it to cool down for a while and try again.

5. Proximity Sensors

If your door only opens half way, it may be due to the proximity sensors being covered in dirt or damaged. Check them and make sure they are OK.

6. Door Structure

Check the door structure for any buckles or dents.

In some cases you may be able to knock them out. But if you’re not confident, I recommend calling a professional before you make it worse.

7. Clash of the code

A very common problem is if a neighbour’s shutter is using the same code as yours.

These and other common problems can be remedied by a quick call to the installer. At SRL Limited, we offer 24hour call-outs in the Manchester area.

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  • azuka says:

    the machine is not rolling please what can be the cause

  • rao says:

    Our rolling shutter not going up.
    whats happanl

  • Hasan says:

    My rolling shutter doesn’t go full up like it’s supposed to – it sort of hangs a few inches lower instead of completely hiding in the box. I’m worried it might slip down and hit a customer on the head. I keep pushing it up but it rolls down a little bit and is showing. How can I force it to stay where it should?

  • Hazrat ali says:

    I bought this new shop. I got the keys but the owner gone straight on holidays. The roller shutter isn’t working on keys , it has remote system but , we (owner and me) don’t have the remote. The power is going to the remote board and roller shutter but it’s not going to the key or manual button inside.I can operate it fully from the button on the top of the remote board.
    Can anyone help.

  • paul benjamin says:

    hi…we had a roller shutter door installed 5 mths ago and the top 2 slats have now moved across and chewed up into the motor mechanism… there has been no impact damage to the door at all , what could have caused this please?

  • Angela Whitehead says:

    My roller shutter tripped a fuse. I have replaced the fuse and now I can close or stop the roller shutter with the remote but it will not open with the remote – I have to wind it open manually. Any ideas/advice.

  • Darren Willis says:

    Hi can you give me some advise please my roller shutter door is a jollies type and it started to make like a buzzing sound when operated with remote as it went up or down. I have not been in garage for a few months then when I tried remote to open it did not work at all, I’ve bought a new motor and fitted it today but when powered up it still not working the box in still got power to it and is clicking when I press remote to operate door, can you give any light on why it’s not moving. Regards Darren.

  • John says:

    i have a Somfy roller shutter over a residential back door. it appears to have jammed open, and as house is second hand i do not have any manuals. just wondering best way to un-jam and get working again. motor is working, as i can hear it. and it “closed initially” without any problem

  • Trevor Donald Surgenor says:

    the door rolls up and opens the garage at different times day and night for no reason I can find, when there is no one nearby and remotes are far away.

  • Amanda says:

    I put shutters down fine with fob and I go back the next day and there up .Any clue why?

  • weerasingha says:

    Roller Shutter door not openingwith Remote. Box light on.but manualy even box inside press the butten cannot open. But manual open remote can operating for close. What shall I do

  • Peter says:

    My roll shutter garage door will only open if I assist it the first few inches
    It s ok closing
    I have renewed the capacitor on the motor but unfortunatly with no joy
    Hope you can be of help

  • Paul Lenton says:

    My garage roller door will no stay shut, as soon as it reaches the floor it opens again. I have tried adjusting but makes no difference. The only way to shut the door is to press the up button just before it touches the ground.
    Your help would be much appreciated.

  • David Hammond says:

    Can a garage roller shutter be permanently pop riveted to the motor spindle casing?
    The Strap Hangers are broken and the roller top edge is also damaged meaning it wont accept a new hanger strap fitting.

  • Howard says:

    I had a roller garage door fitted just over 2 years ago. The door started going wrong just six months after. I have had the fitters and company visit 6 times during which they fitted a number of hanger brackets which had broken and a new motor. I am now waiting for an engineer to fit another new motor. I have been told that this is unusual and I am just unlucky. Is it possible that the door has been incorrectly fitted ie not level and that it putting a strain on the brackets and the motor. Could you give me your opinion please.

  • joseph eacarilla says:

    if i press the oush button no automatic operation nirmally if i oress down it rollsup automatic diwn but nit now i have to maintain oressing if i remove my finger it will stop what would be the problem

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