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If you are considering installing electric roller shutters around your home, you are making a smart decision.

Break-ins and acts of sheer vandalism are on a slow but alarming rise in parts of the UK. Insurance companies can also be a drag when it comes to paying out claims. While many people install CCTV to catch possible perpetrators, the question is why wait for the crime to occur in the first place? Why wait till your prize windows are shattered? And your home is invaded?

Shutters have been a line of defence in many parts of the world for centuries.

In Australia, they have been used to protect from hurricanes and foul weather. In warmer climes, such as South Florida and South Africa, indoor shutters have been used to let cool breeze in. In the UK though, many people associate them with shop fronts. Quite rightly so, as aluminium and steel roller shutters provide the first line of defence to would be burglars. Can you replicate this level of protection in your home?


From folding grilles across windows to plantation doors for larger spaces and even the garage doors, roller shutters can be easily fitted. With the many types, also come different ways of operating them. Some use manual winding cranks, others prefer electrical, remote control access. Electric roller shutter doors are becoming a more commonly installed option due to their ease of use. The fact that they can be safely operated from a distance makes them ideal for use for garages. The ease with which they can be fitted is a contributor to the problems they may encounter down the years. Many people choose to buy them and fit themselves, usually using friends and family. While your nephew may have had straight A’s in community college, it doesn’t mean he can wire the electrical mechanism for a roller shutter door. With such a complex piece of equipment containing photoelectric cells, high speed motors, remote sensors, rails, transmitters in some models, wind and sun sensors in others, chances are there could be a fault with one of these many parts. Coupled with the fact that you may have had a manual roller shutter before and had it converted to an electrical option. Any number of things may have gone wrong.
The following are seven of the most common problems with electrical roller shutters:
1. Start from the top and check the power source. 2. All doors have an emergency release chain. Pull this to see if it responds. 3. There may be dirt in the tracks/rails. Look for all obstructions in the door track. 4. Overheating of the opening motor can cause it to fail. Let the motor cool down for a bit. 5. The door opens only halfway. Check the proximity sensors for dirt or damage. 6. Integrity of the door structure. Has it been buckled at any point? 7. A clash of the codes can occur if a neighbour is using the same code as yours. These and other common problems can be remedied by a quick call to the installer. At SRL Limited, we offer 24hour call-outs in the Manchester area. Call us today and get a professional install done and you have one less thing to worry about.

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