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November: Colder. Darker. Statistically, the peak period for break-ins.

With Halloween one week, Guy Fawkes the next and Christmas, a few short weeks away, people tend to get caught up in the festivities & neglect safety. To remind us, the Home Security Month was created. Though celebrated in October, we should be aware and vigilant as in November, thieves start to take advantage of the darker evenings.

A 2013 survey, by an insurance firm, found that in November, a house in the UK is liable to be burgled EVERY TWO MINUTES!

These November break-ins account for nearly 15% of annual burglaries. The survey also uncovered the following characteristics. We are more vulnerable:

  • If we live in a domestic property, on the ground floor or in a basement flat. 48% of burglaries take place in flats that are on the lower levels of houses.
  • Between 12 and 1 am. While over 30% taking place between 11 am – 5 pm while we are at work, the singular hour between 12 and 1, accounts for 7% of all robberies that occur.

Yes, insurance covers a lot of things. But what of those priceless items? Grandma’s pearl earrings that you were keeping for your daughter? Or the laptop with years of family photos? Some items are simply irreplaceable.

The holiday festivities tend to make us less security conscious. This is why many of us still leave our front doors unlocked when we pop out to say hello to the neighbours. But opportunistic rogues can take those few minutes to swoop in. More than 10% of us don’t have any extra security in place when going to see the firework displays. Simply shutting the door isn’t enough as doors and windows are a burglar’s most likely points of entry. While most burglars will try to avoid smashing glass, they will attempt to force the frame open.

With over a million attempted burglaries, we probably know someone who has been burgled. It may even be you; yet why do we allow this to continue? In addition to the awareness by the Home Security Month, the Metropolitan Police launched an awareness campaign called LIGHT-LOCK-LIST. It is a simple three step action plan to help protect your valuables.

Light it:

  • The trick here is to make the house look occupied all the time. This is achieved by using timed lights inside and outside. Interior lamps, and even the telly, can be turned on and off by an automatic timer and exterior security lights that turn on with dusk are available.

Lock it:

  • Installing high quality doors is the first line of defence in safeguarding your home. The use of industry certified locks, peep holes to see callers and even a Letter Box Protector can all help fortify your entrance.
  • Folding patio doors can have a hole drilled through the side metal frame. This allows you to pass a padlock through the hole and around the hinged bar to stop the door lifting. For sliding patio doors, drilling a long screw through the runner prevents the wheel from moving along the runners. Also remember to keep your front and back doors shut and locked – even when you are at home.
  • The need for ventilation (no matter how crisp the air is) means we leave our windows ajar most of the time. But approximately a third of all burglars gain access through windows. Collapsible steel gates allow air in, yet present a formidable barrier to burglars. They can also be pulled back when not needed.
  • Equipment kept in a garage or shed can be classed as easy pickings as most sheds have the flimsiest of locks. Invest in a hefty lock and padlock for the front of your shed and make sure windows are in good condition. Burglars are known to break into cars to steal house keys; don’t store your house keys in your car.
  • Invest in a burglar alarm and remember to set it every time you leave your home. You are far less likely to be burgled if your home is equipped with a burglar alarm. It can also reduce the cost of your home insurance.

List it:

Did you know you could mark your property? Using a UV pen, SmartWater system or plain old engraving, you can discreetly mark your valuables. This increases your chances of being reunited with it, if you get robbed. You can go further and sign up with companies that allow you register your property, and work with the Police to trace and return them to you.

Following these police-recommended tips, homeowners can rest assured that only a career criminal will attempt to rob you. Enjoying a firework display this weekend? Please take heed of the tips listed and protect your home.

Our industry standard collapsible shutters fit any door opening and even window. Your safety is our priority, which is why we use only the best quality steel.

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