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Is there a way you can cut back on commercial property insurance premiums? With the installation of steel roller shutters, it seems there is.

Commercial property Insurance

Commercial property insurance is a must for any business premises. It is your safety net that provides security and peace of mind for your business. Your commercial property insurance will vary, depending on what kind of business you are in. Different levels of cover are usually available, depending on cost, business type and the level to which each business owner wants their premises protected.

Typical commercial property insurances include, public liability cover, fixtures and fittings cover, loss of rent cover and inability to trade cover.

Every year, to maintain this insurance, business owners are required to pay a premium. This is the rate at which the insurance company charges the business for their insurance protection. The cost of this premium is calculated from a number of factors including, level of coverage, likelihood of incidence, annual turnover, history of security incidents, location and more.

One of the most important contributing factors towards your insurance premium will be the level of security measures you have installed and in use in your business premises.

Securing your business premises

Any security measures you have installed on your premises, that help to reduce or prevent crime or lower the risk of your property being damaged will help to lower the cost of property insurance. Where property insurance costs are high, the simple installation of one or more security measures around the property can have a marked effect.

In some high risk areas, insurance companies will refuse to cover a business premises altogether unless there is evidence of proper security measures. This can leave the business owner liable for all the costs in the event of a burglary, criminal activity or property damage.

Insurance Approved Roller Shutters

At SRL we help business to overcome this problem, by providing insurance approved roller shutters for commercial and industrial properties throughout the UK. These have the dual effect of securing your premises against unlawful entry and criminal damage, and additionally of reducing the cost of property insurance.

Our steel shutters offer the highest level of protection for shop fronts and business premises. With steel shutters, you have the double protection of high level security and lower insurance premiums too.

What should you do?

First, assess your business premises for security risks and high risk areas in your location. Secondly approach the most competitively priced insurance lenders, and enquire after how much roller shutters would lower your premium.

We are more than happy to help you through this process and to find the most appropriate security rated roller shutters for your needs.

Commercial property insurance is not an optional extra for businesses who are serious about protecting their premises. With the best UK Roller Shutters from SRL, you can improve your physical and financial security, and reduce your insurance costs too.

Talk to us today about roller shutters for your business premises.

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