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Do you need more space? Are you planning an extension? Are you sure that’s the best option for you?

Extensions aren’t always a necessary evil for businesses that desperately need a little (or a lot) more space. If you’re looking to gain more space with less stress there could be a better option. Here we explain why a curtain wall is an excellent alternative to an extension or complete rebuild – and how it could save you money both in the long and short term.  

Cost-effective and clean

In contemporary applications, curtain walls are often used in lieu of a ‘standard’ wall – creating a stylish, clean finish for the property in question. Although curtain walls are non-structural, modern architectural feats and designs accommodate this sleek style. This is perfect for commercial applications – in particular for retailers with huge spaces to occupy and an attractive image to project. You can see examples of this type of application used for Home Bargains and Co-Op on our curtain walling page.

As the materials involved in curtain walling are generally less expensive than traditional building components the overall costs of curtain wall installation can actually be significantly less than those associated with the construction of an extension. Combine this with the money saved as a result of reduced disruption to your company and a curtain wall can be a highly cost-effective choice – more on this below. Curtain walls can also help to reduce energy bills and taxes with their highly efficient composition.

Minimal disruption

Like any building work, extensions naturally bring mess and disruption with them. This can be troublesome for businesses that need to stay open and looking good to make money – retailers in particular. Although there is naturally some disruption involved, by contrast, curtain walls involve less mess and fuss (and a reduced timescale for the build) meaning less down time – and this could significantly benefit your business and balance sheet as well as employees and customers.

Non-invasive, versatile design

Curtain walls are versatile – so they can be used in many different ways for a variety of purposes and properties. This first example is taken from our curtain walling page – a modern yet classic-looking office building in need of an entrance space. Building an extension would have significantly altered the exterior look of the building – as well as causing potentially troublesome disruption as a result of the extensive, invasive building work and demolition required. Instead, the ‘porch’ created using curtain walling isn’t imposing and blends into the original design perfectly whilst providing the additional space needed. As curtain walls commonly incorporate glass they’re also a perfect option for retailers, who can attract customers to their store with a clear view of the goods on offer.

Considering curtain walling? Speak to the experts at SRL today. We’ll guide you through the process and provide guidance to help you to make the best decision in line with your requirements.

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