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Choosing the most efficient, cost-effective building materials is an important aspect of remodelling a shop front and aluminium has been proven to have many benefits.

From wooden doors to steel shutters to glass fronts, store owners look for visually appealing yet innovative and secure ways to display their goods.

Many construction firms offer aluminium shop fronts as a standard choice because they are so easy to integrate with existing surfaces as well as allow for the incorporation of new grilles, push pads, locks, windows and security shutters. SRL Limited has an extensive range available for use, depending on your budget and needs.

Versatility is the key.

Aluminium is easy to work with and can be extruded into a large variety of shapes to fit any custom need. There are also many combinations of fixed, sliding or projecting windows as well as folding, sliding and French doors. These door fronts and shutters can be fitted to be manually or automatic opening and closing. The use of a wide range of handles, locks and coloured powder coatings provides plenty of variety and customization options.

Another plus for using aluminium over other materials is that any size or shape can be created; from flat walls to curves and angles. There are no joints since the aluminium is moulded so there is less chance of weakness or leaks. This is great for new construction but especially handy for remodels where existing structures can simply be covered.

A significant amount of work can be completed in the process of machining the aluminium in the factory so that all that is required on site is assembly. This saves considerable time in comparison to standard construction practices so the building is finished faster and costs can be reduced.

Durability is unsurpassed.

In spite of having a very low weight, aluminium is incredibly strong and has numerous advantages over glass, wood or steel. Aluminium is not affected by moisture so there is no warping, rotting or sticking. It is also much less susceptible to brittle fractures than steel and handles temperature extremes much more readily.

Natural anodisation creates a durable surface on aluminium and this allows for the tremendous adherence of all types of colours, especially when they are sprayed with a powder coating. This repels rain and protects against the acid in rain water. In the event of fire, aluminium shop fronts will melt but there is no release of harmful gas and no flames.

Eco-friendly construction.

Appearance and reasonable cost are more great reasons for choosing an aluminium shop front but there are also a number of ecological advantages as well. The aluminium used in shop front construction or remodelling can be recycled when a decision to make a change occurs in the future and it is a matter of deconstruction instead of demolition.

Aluminium is used in solar shading devices to reduce the effects of sunshine and lower your costs for air conditioning. In this way, aluminium provides a strong, resilient surface to the shop front, holds glass securely and reduces the carbon footprint of the shop.

Get a great aluminium shop front from a qualified contractor.

Many contractors are switching to aluminium construction and remodel materials so it pays to ask questions to ensure finding a qualified firm to perform any work. At SRL Limited, we listen to your needs and can provide the best choice of shutters that fit your budget and specific needs.

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