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Roller shutters are multi-functional and are produced in a variety of designs with different purposes.

When looking at installing a roller shutter you need to determine what you essential issues are: looking at roller shutters for a safety barrier to guard your commercial, retail or residential property against intrusion or to guard against the elements such as fire, wind and storms, SRL Ltd can advise the best roller shutter solution.

We can educate you on what makes our doors so efficient, describe how each door is individually specified and custom built for your exclusive use and requirement. We offer a variety of designs with different finishes; we focus on maximising the safety on properties without jeopardising the aesthetic appeal.

 We take pride in using quality materials.

After our initial consultation with you, depending on your requirements or roller shutter doors are fabricated out of many gauges of steel, single or double-wall aluminium all offering an efficient barrier against an intensive, aggressive attack. The doors can be electronically operated either remotely or incorporated into automated security and access control systems.

Strength and durability.

The most popular seem to be solid-slatted doors when strength and durability are the main aim. These roller shutters are ideally suited to environments where one side of the door is exposed externally to the natural elements. Whether you decide on galvanised or powder-coated, it is weather resistant and acts as an impermeable outer barrier. If you need roller shutters for indoor environments such as shopping centres and indoor retail establishments, or internal storage spaces in a warehouse environment you will find Perforated/punched roller shutters, roller grilles or are more suitable. The perforations or grille permits visibility both in and out of the doors while providing a barrier to any unwanted visitors. This style of shutters are easy to open and close and will provide the best security solution in these areas.

We provide a total service from design, manufacture, supply, installation, repair and maintenance. We also supply components to other companies:

Hoods, Angles, Guide channels, Bottom rail, Solid Lath, Perforated Lath, Tubes, Motors, Switches

SRL Ltd can supply all your roller shutter needs.

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