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Strolling down any High Street in England today, one will see roller shutters seemingly everywhere.

Step into many shopping centres and there are more of them. Full-length ones, smaller kiosk shutters, and collapsible grilles all adorn shop fronts and provide a visible deterrent to would-be burglars. Yet, roller shutters have other less commercial uses. Roller shutters are also used in many residential and communal settings.

The use of roller shutters cuts across many spheres of our daily lives.

Made primarily of steel or aluminium, they can be treated and thus have even more functions. This vastly increases the locations where they can be.

Below are some of the common and not-so-common uses of roller shutters:

Residential Use.

In homes, they are used as garage doors and security doors, to protect from vandals. However, in some regions, roller shutters are used to do more. In Australia, special roller shutters are used to protect homes during bushfire and cyclone season!

All shutters, available for doors and windows, can be fitted with vision slats, granting the homeowner visibility, even if they are shut. For homeowners who are worried about their houses looking like a ‘prison’, security door manufacturers have many, less-formidable options. The standard roller shutter, collapsible grilles, and ornate lattice grilles are all options that can be used to safeguard properties without affecting their aesthetics.

All these options can be powder coated in a wide range of colours. A garage door can be fitted with sensors to open automatically as your car approaches and garage shutters are available as Up and Over garage doors or roller garage Doors.

Commercial Use.

Commercially, they are used in almost all buildings – from the car park level up to the collapsible grilles in front of shops. They primarily offer protection from theft, but fire rated roller shutters also offer fire protection.

Many of these shop front shutters can be fitted with vision slats to allow customers to see your goods while still protecting them. Highly customisable, roller shutters can even serve as out-of-hours advertising, as they can be emblazoned with the shop’s logo, branding or colours.

Surprisingly, many shop owners still see them as an unnecessary expense since the complex ‘already has security’. Luckily, most insurance brokers insist on having them.

Industrial Use.

Industrially, roller shutters are used to protect the workers from adverse weather whilst keeping the premises free from theft. Take the standard warehouse, for example, there can be up to six different types of roller shutter doors in use. From the shutter at the loading bay to internal and external hi-speed roller doors to sliding fire doors, shutters are a vital part of industry.

They are also quite durable. Remember that in many industrial applications, these doors get run into by vehicles of all shapes at different speeds. Hence they must be constructed to withstand impact without compromising their structure.

It should be noted that roller shutters can also help with energy use. Shutters can be filled with insulation to help maintain the temperature of the rooms or spaces they are used in. This application can be a real life-saver in a warehouse with 20 foot doors at the height of winter.

Roller shutters seem to be everywhere we look, but they are often underrated. The level of customisation that they can have makes them an essential part of our homes, offices and lives.

Whether it’s insulated garage doors or a mini collapsible grille, contact SRL Limited today for a bespoke shutter.

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