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Sometimes making significant changes in a business can be difficult – especially when they will alter how you will be perceived by the public and both existing and prospective customers. Branding is very important to a company’s identity and overall success – so when looking to make changes to the exterior of a property we need to take this into account to ensure that the change is positive and profitable for all involved.

Maintaining balance

Maintaining balance between familiarity and freshness is key to ensuring that your shopfront or exterior is rejuvenated without being unrecognisably different to its former state. Preventing changes occurring where they’re not needed is one way to keep your existing branding running through a new design, whilst still introducing a fresh new look. Getting this right requires professional assistance, as those experienced in the trade can easily see where adjustments need to be made and how your brand identity can be incorporated into a completely new scheme.

Colour Correct

Colour is incredibly important when it comes to branding. With this in mind it’s crucial that we match the colours used in your design to your business’ branding. If those particular shades aren’t prevalent in the exterior we need to ensure that the logo is prominently placed (for example, you may opt for a natural finish with only signage indicating that your business resides within) and that any colour used is complementary to your existing brand and surroundings (if your logo mainly incorporates neutral tones, a beige, cream or natural wood exterior may suit). The style of the installation and relative prominence of your branding also depends on the nature of your business – as what you offer naturally dictates how you should be portrayed to the outside world.

Strengthening existing branding

A new shopfront appearance should actively encourage new business through increasing footfall and acting as a talking point – especially if you are placed on a high street or within a shopping centre or district. This makes emphasising branding all the more important – as then those who have passed by before and existing customers alike recognise that your business hasn’t relocated, but instead has invested in a new look. A fresh appearance can encourage consumers who never thought to engage with your business before to come and see what you’re all about, but it should also ensure that existing clientele still feel that they can relate to your brand.

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