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Based in Manchester, here at SRL Ltd we manufacture, service, maintain, repair and install all types of Shop Fronts, Curtain Walling, Roller Shutters, Commercial Windows, Automatic Door Systems

Bi-Fold & Patio Doors, Powder Coating, Smart-Wall Thermal Break Systems. We are proud to announce that we are now the manufacturer our own polycarbonate transparent electric roller shutter doors.

SRL Ltd’s polycarbonate roller shutters have been designed and manufactured to offer the very best of both worlds; excellent visibility combined with a very high level of security.

These new roller shutters are built from high-quality composite polycarbonate links reinforced by aluminium tubes.

The design and construction of these shutters allows for maximum strength and flexibility, and they are easy to install. The polycarbonate material along with the aluminium tubing make the strength greater than that of steel and the design structure gives superior resistance to attack.


This roller shutter has over 80% transparency, therefore, allowing for excellent visibility and the transparent links have been UV stabilised, this is, so they do not discolour. The roller is easy to clean and maintain and is chlorine and sea salt- resistant so suitable for coastal shop fronts too!

These can be customised to specific width and height depending on the size and function they are purchased for. Polycarbonate transparent electric roller shutters have become popular as they are stable, aesthetically stylish, flexible, and highly suitable for Commercial, Retail outlets, Banks, Schools, Health centres, Jewellers, Car showrooms, even Holiday Villas, etc.


The design of these roller shutters has a more elegant appearance so will improve your shops image efficiently and will allow for a 24-hour advertising result as you can see through them and into the shop.

Some other facts about Polycarbonate transparent electric roller shutters:

  • Light transmission rate of 80-90%.
  • Stability can be maintained in the range of -40 to 120°C.
  • Outdoor life of 20 years, Indoor life of up to 30 years.
  • Transparent roller shutter flame retardant Class I.
  • Comply with ROHS standard can be recycled.
  • When the outdoor temperature is 0°C, the indoor temperature is 23°C, the relative indoor temperature is lower than 80%, no condensation of the inner surface of the material.
  • Can effectively cut off 80% of the sun’s ultraviolet.

SRL Ltd is a successful manufacturer of roller shutters and roller grilles and takes pride in the delivery of a high quality service and products .

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  • Chris Wharton says:

    We are jewellers in St Albans with old wind up internal roller shutters with the rolled up shutter housed under a plaster cornice.(I can send pictures)
    We are looking to replace and electrify the system

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