Noisy Garage Door Maintenance Tips For The Average Homeowner

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Picture this classic scenario…

You punch the button on the garage opener. Nothing happens. You jam your thumb on it again. Still nothing. You start to panic as you want to get into your home. The garage door finally starts to lift up infinitely slower than it had ever done. The screeching and grinding noise accompanying its slow progress is the most annoying sound in the world.

It is much worse if you have a bedroom above the garage.

Frequent maintenance will help this large part of your home stay efficient and keep your property safe. Here are our tips for fixing a screeching garage door.

Where is the noise?

First attempt to identify which part of the door the noise is coming from. The fix may be as simple as tightening the nuts on the door and on the track. Tighten all of them with an adjustable wrench.


Examine the springs. If you have a door with extension springs, they don’t need any greasing. They have been treated from the factory. Torsion springs which are wound, instead of stretched, need to be oiled as the coils are constantly rubbing against each other.


Next, look at the rollers. Old metal rollers will make a racket if they are on their last legs. Consider replacing them or even using nylon rollers with sealed bearings instead. These cost more, but are quieter and require much less maintenance.

Note that you have to measure the rollers so you get the correct replacement. If this sounds like a lot of work, call the engineers from SRL Limited to help you get this fixed ASAP.


At this point, if the garage door still screeches, most people recommend spraying some form of lubricant in the moving parts of the door; hinges, pivot points, stems, pulleys, rollers etc. A common product recommended is WD40. The problem with this is that WD40 is a de-greaser, which removes the grease you need to keep the bits running smoothly. It is preferable to use a lithium or silicon-based lubricant.


Clean the track. While you may think this is the next step, oiling the track would be a very bad idea. There shouldn’t be any material, solid or liquid in the track of door. Dried residue of oil can cause impaired functioning.


Check the weatherstripping along the sides and bottom of the door. Trim and adjust, if it is jamming against the sides or bottom. You should also check the integrity of the weatherstrip and replace if necessary. Brush through and remove and materials that may stick it and impede progress.

The most common cause of the screeching is due to a buildup of material in the moving parts of your door. Dried moisture leads to rust and dried oil residue increases the friction between moving parts.

Getting rid of these will guarantee your garage door stays in top condition. It is recommended you carry out these checks, every six months. If this sounds like too much hassle, call out the engineers from SRL Limited to come and carry out a full maintenance of your garage door.

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