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The figures are in.

The average insurance premium for a house worth £ 500, 000 ranges from £ 270 to £ 1, 100 p/a. Fair enough; you regard your home as your castle, so you pay. After all, you have spent so much making It just right. The interior, the furnishings, the lush garden that is the envy of your friends. And that ‘invisible’ patio door that seamlessly blends the interior and the exterior.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you may not be able to kick back and relax. Yet.

According to the Metropolitan Police, over 90 residential burglaries are carried out daily. 10 % of these are possible because someone left a door, window or patio door, unlocked and the burglars just walked in. It seems that, along with many other records, Britain also suffers one of the highest burglary rates in Europe.

So what happens if you were burgled? You are covered by insurance, right?

I hope so, as there will be a problem if you were not entirely truthful when applying for home cover. Most insurance companies require you to have a minimum level of security at your property. If you don’t meet these requirements, they will not cover you. If you falsely stated the security level in your property, you invalidate any claim you planned to make.

They recommend that you have at least one form of these locks on your doors:

  • A top and bottom key-operated lock, which is the most basic patio door lock.
  • A central rail key-operated lock – This is a multi-point locking system that is fitted to the central rail that holds the doors. Offers slightly better security than the top and bottom lock.
  • A key-operated multi-point locking system – This is a rim-locking system that bolts the patio door into the frame and offers a much higher level of security. The lock cylinders need to be tested to BS EN 1303 Grade 3. Many suppliers of patio doors use a 3 point locking system for their doors.

The best advice I can give you regarding having a secure patio door is to install a bi-fold patio door.

  • For one, sliding doors only allow you enjoy half of the view. They slide back on each other & cover up half of the opening. Bi-folds, on the other hand, open up as much as you need, only taking up a few inches of your view.
  • Sliders can be lifted off their track and thus open your property. Some homeowners install a straight metal bar called a London bar or Birmingham bar. This is fitted to the door frame or dropped in the track of the door to prevent burglars opening the door.

While bi-folds don’t have these flaws, I would still recommend that you request for a 5 or 7 point locking system, when ordering your door.

You must also ensure that ANY locks fitted comply with British Standard 3621. These locks are easily identified as they carry a Kite Mark logo. They are sturdy and have a 20mm throw, compared to the 16mm found in other locks.

Whether you are fitting a new door or taking our advice and switching from sliding doors, at SRL Limited, we carry only the best in aluminium patio doors. We have a professional team waiting to help you secure your property with the best locks, hardware, bolts and systems.

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