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Most people who are looking to powder coat their shop fronts usually do so because they are looking for an option that is ecologically conscious and long lasting. Powder coating your shutters are a great way to keep them protected over the years while staying as environmentally friendly as possible. We have spoken briefly before about it having a better environmental factor, as well as other reasons to use powder coating, but today we are going to go more in depth.

Powder coating is applied as a dry powder which is later “cooked” onto your shutters. By heating it, it bonds and forms a tough and durable shell which protects your shutters from exposure to the environment. Because of this, it is a much more efficient and dependable approach to covering than using wet paint, and is much better at preventing rust. Here are a few reasons why it is more environmentally friendly.


As powder coats do not rely on a solvent to bind together, the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), is at an ultimate minimum, especially when comparing it to spray paints.

Less Waste

As powder coating is more durable, it lasts significantly longer than wet paint. This means that it does not need to be retouched or repainted anywhere near as often as wet paint would. By opting for a powder coating, you will be helping to reduce waste by making the paint removal process easier.

Prevents Undesirable Elements from Spreading

Once applied to the surface of the shutter, powder coating forms a strong guard to defend from it coming into contact with soil and water. This is ideal if you want to keep your store front attractive when closed in our British weather.

Compliant with Health and Safety Regulations

If you visit our powder coating shop, you will be happy to know that we follow a series of health and safety regulations and environmental guidelines to put your mind at ease. As it is low on VOC, powder coating is something we highly recommend to keep your shutters safe from anything the environment can bring.

Powder coating is a safe, reliable alternative to wet paints that can save you a large sum of money and can potentially shrink down your environmental footprint. Here at SRL Ltd, our in house powder coating team have many years of experience on their backs. We offer a high-quality in-house powder coating service for all our aluminium shop fronts, bi fold doors, roller shutters and more. We also offer powder coating surfaces for many other companies in and around Manchester, and welcome any enquiries.

We would love to talk with you about your coating options and to see what we can to for your business. If you would like to see what we can do for your business, contact us today for more information. We also have a list of colour options to suit your branding or personal taste. Why not take a look at how we can create the ideal powder coating to suit you?

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