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Your business is a place you want people to remember, whether they have been before or whether they have seen it in passing. Though it is easy to catch the eye of potential customers when you are open, but what about after hours? Once that rolling shutter comes down, what makes people stop to take a second look? 

Many cafes and independent shops in Manchester are jumping on the shutter painting bandwagon to keep their business promoted when the shutters come down at the end of the day. It is one of the reasons why Manchester is such a colourful city to live in! But painting isn’t necessarily a method that will last.






Though powder coating may not have as many design options, it can provide your shop front with vibrancy while keeping your shutters protected to the highest quality. At SRL, we can provide your business with a burst of colour by offering our finest powder coating service to go with your brand.

The benefits

  • What sets powder coating apart from standard spray paint is the protection and durability that comes with our high quality, in house service. Our powder coating is resistant to chipping, potential scratching, colour fade and wear.
  • Coverage also protects the shutters from rusting, keeping their condition to a maximum for a longer period of time compared to paint. This also means that it requires little maintenance. The options available are virtually limitless, with a high variety of colours and shades to match your business colour scheme.
  • If you’re worried about pollution, there’s no need for concern. While liquid finishes contain solvents that have pollutants, you won’t find a single pollutant in our powder coatings, therefore the method is environmentally neutral! The lack of solvent also reduces the dangers of it being a fire hazard. The bonus of using powder coating is that there is nothing wasted at the end.
  • Powder coating is twice as thick as spray paint, which is just one of the reasons why it is more durable. Instead of powder coating merely covering the shutters to make it more attractive, it forms a “skin” ensuring durability. It also takes less time to complete the process, meaning you can have your colourful shutters ready in a guaranteed waiting period and ask there are no liquids involved, there is no risk of any drips to cheapen the design.
  • A final bonus is that not only is it cheaper, but it is much better value for money than it would be to paint. One coat and your shutters are protected while catching the eyes of passers by.

Find out More

If you want to see what we can do to liven up your shops rolling shutters, why not contact us for more information? Or why not take a look at our large variety of coloured swatches to see if we have the perfect shade to match your branding? We can guarantee to find a coating that’s right for you.

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