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At SRL we use a method called powder coating extensively for a range of applications. This versatile process often supersedes traditional painting for a smooth finish and cost-effective end result. But when is powder coating a better option, and why is it rapidly replacing painting?

Powder coating is better for the environment

Compared with paint products the powder coating method is an overall better option if you are concerned about the environmental impact of your project. Powder coating products don’t contain solvents or emit harmful fumes, and any waste produced can be safely disposed of in landfill. Wet paint is made using toxic chemicals with emissions that impact on the ozone layer – and its waste is classed as hazardous, meaning it will need to be disposed of carefully.

Powder coating is often a more cost-effective option

Powder coating is a highly efficient colouring method – meaning there’s little wastage produced. Any overspray can be recovered, meaning no product is lost. This ensures that as a client you don’t need to pay for product that hasn’t been used. Wasted liquid paint can’t be reclaimed, and due to its composition around 50% of the product evaporates. On average the base products used in the powder coating process are also cheaper than paint.

Powder coating is more resilient

The thickness produced by powder coating is usually around twice as dense as that of standard paint products. Despite this it is incredibly flexible, moving with the object it is applied to without cracking or peeling. It’s also resilient – so it’ll stand up to chips, scratches and dents much better than paint. This makes it perfect for mechanical or vehicle parts, as well as internal and external use in properties where wear and tear is likely.

There’s still a place for paint

Although powder coating has taken over for many architectural and mechanical installations, some applications still require the use of paint. Especially where heritage projects and decorative items are concerned paint still proves to be the best option. If you’re not sure whether paint or powder coating is viable for you, chat with our friendly team of experts today to discuss your project.

An Alternative

We take care of commercial and domestic powder coating applications and installations – from specialist glazing projects and automatic doors to curtain walls and roller shutters. Want to find out more about professional powder coating from SRL? Call or email us today to discuss your requirements.

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