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With the icy blasts from Russia and Scandinavia seeping through our jumpers, we can certainly feel the chill in the air, even if it is only August.

While some may feel it’s a bit early, we think you should start to prepare for winter. With temperatures steadily dropping & light snow falling in parts of Surrey and Oxfordshire last week, we think it’s a no-brainer. You can choose to ignore such warnings and call them ‘premature’ or carry out a few changes to make your home a warm haven for you this winter.

Preparing your home for winter involves can go in many directions.

Let’s say you have a standard 4 bedroom house, with a garden in back and parking in front. Let’s start with your windows and doors.

  • Say you had your doors fitted years ago; how often have they been checked since then? Have they had any constant maintenance? Doors are subject to wear and tear due to constant exposure to the weather which leads to build up of condensation, fading of coating material, growth of mould etc.

You should also factor in the wear of the rubber gaskets and seals that are supposed to trap air and maintain temperatures. They wear away too and should be checked and replaced. SRL Limited can come and help you with resealing and maintenance of your patio doors.

  • Did you have the right size of doors fitted? Many firms claim to install double-glazing, even triple-glazing. That may sound great, but without proper fitting, there will always be an uncomfortable draught coming through the bottom of the door and through the leaves of your bifold door. Sure, you may try to block it with thick curtains, but that won’t keep out draughts of minus 2oC.
  • Do your doors conform to industry standards? The British Building Regulation requires double-glazed doors to have a U-value of 1.5. Do you know if your doors comply with this? Keeping optimum thermal efficiency levels will help keep your energy bills low and you will be doing your bit for the environment.
  • Wood, Aluminium, Fibreglass, Vinyl, Composites etc. are all used to create window frames. Their different properties confer different characteristics on the frame. Aluminium frames are light, durable and must be designed with thermal breaks I.e. the quantity of insulating material between two surfaces, to reduce heat loss.

While wood is an excellent insulating material, it is subject to warping from the elements. Wood can also cause condensation problems if water gets trapped between the glazing and the frame.

Combination frames use two or more materials to use the best features of both.

While these are supposed to improve efficiency, it is best to check the U-factor of the frame.

Other factors that affect how windows perform include their placement, orientation, window design, glazing choice, shading etc. All these should be taken into consideration, as they can affect how much heat your home retains this winter.

No matter your preferred use for our doors, whether you simply want more natural light streaming in, whether you want a warm front room for the children to play comfortably indoors, SRL Limited has qualified personnel to help you choose doors that will serve you a long time. Call us today.

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