Purehold PRO – Individual Gel Refill Bottles

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Alert: Coronavirus (Covid-19) Survives Up To 9 Days On Door Handles

Confirmed by scientists around the world, Coronavirus (Covid-19) survives for up to 9 days on door handles. The Purehold hygienic door handle covers are the perfect soltuion to combat the coronavirus along side any other unwanted viruses, germs and bacteria.

The Purehold Pro gel-dispensing door handles use a virucidal gel that is tested to EN14476. It has an alchol content of 80% which is much stronger than the minimum of 60% required by the UK Government, NHS and Public Health England. It has also been tried and tested against viruses that are similar to coronavirus, including Murine Norovirus, Adno virus and Polio virus.

1 x 850ml Gel Refill Bottles for use in the Purehold PRO Gel Dispensing Door Handles.

Available in Alcohol or Alcohol-Free options.

Purehold gel refills are bespoke to the Purehold PRO handles and gel from other suppliers cannot be used with the Purehold PRO.

For a copy of the Purehold Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), please contact us.

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