Automatic Doors London

SRL Ltd is a member of ADIA and uses Entrematic, Tormax, IR Dor-O- Matic and Ditec Automatic Door Systems. All our automatic door systems are fully compliant with both British Standards and the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

Automatic Sliding Doors

This is the most popular type of automatic door. The doors slide behind glass screens or walls to give a clear opening. We can manufacture and supply single or double doors up to 3 metres daylight width. Automatic sliding doors are fitted with a sidelight safety sensor so if an obstruction is detected in opening mode, the doors will open slowly to detect or push away any obstruction or person. If no obstruction is detected the door reverts to normal operation.

Automatic & Remote Swinging Doors

These doors can be manufactured as either fully automatic or remotely operated. However, depending on the particular circumstances, they may need a barrier at the rear of the door to protect the public when the door mechanism is activated.

Automatic Bi-Folding Doors

This is the least obtrusive automatic door, giving the maximum clearance, so no safety barriers are required. Bi-fold doors are fully automatic and fitted with either a battery backup system or powered open on mains failure.

We Supply & Fit Automatic Doors in London