Fire Rated Shutters

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Fire rated shutters and fire and smoke resistant curtains are necessary to prevent the spread of a fire in a building no matter what type. Fire rated shutters are different from normal steel/aluminium shutters the materials used to manufacture them are designed to resist fire and heat.

All of SRL’s fire shutters are manufactured out of high-grade steel and powder coated. In addition to that, they can also come with anti-ram raid.

Fire Curtains

SRL’s fire and smoke curtains are made from the toughest, fire resistant material. SRL can provide up to a 4 hour rated fire shutter and can incorporate a key or button station activation and an integrated control panel for fire alarms.

SRL’s fire shutters and fire curtains activation methods are:

Thermal Fusible Link – Once the sensor detects heat exceeding 68° the shutters will begin to shut. A timing delay can be set to allow time for evacuation.

Fire Alarm System – The shutters will be connected to the main fire alarm system and will close when a fire is detected. This system can also include a delay.

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