Shop Fronts Birmingham

Here at SRL LTD we design, manufacture and install shop fronts to your exact requirements. We have decades of experience and have worked with large brands such as Waitrose, TK Maxx, Sports Direct, The Entertainer and many more. 

Aluminium Shop Fronts

Aluminium is the perfect choice for shop fronts, windows and doors as it is lightweight but very durable and resilient. What’s more, aluminium is corrosion resistant, long-lasting and able to withstand all weather conditions. SRL also offers surface treatments such as powder coating and anodising which can improve this even further.

Toughened Glass Shop Fronts

Toughened glass, also know as Tempered glass and Armour plated glass is much stronger than normal glass. Toughened glass is used when security, strength and safety is a priority. Frameless glass shop fronts are usually made out of 12mm toughened glass.

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We Supply & Fit Shop Fronts in Birmingham