Shop Fronts Liverpool

SRL Ltd designs, manufactures and installs aluminium shop fronts

SRL’s aluminium fronts can be painted to any RAL or BS colour.

The flexibility of design as a result of using aluminium allows for appropriate installation across various locations including:

  • Retail Stores
  • Commercial Entrances
  • Shopping Centres
  • And many more…

Why choose aluminium for your shop front?

Aluminium is ideal for shop fronts, windows and doors as it is lightweight but very durable and resilient. What’s more, aluminium is corrosion resistant and therefore is long-lasting and able to withstand all weather conditions. SRL also offers surface treatments such as powder coating and anodising which can improve this even further.

For more information contact our friendly team at SRL.

Aluminium Shop Front Features

  • Manual shop doors are fitted with a concealed overhead hydraulic closer.
  • Full weather-stripping to the perimeter of doors.
  • Locking facilities including Deadbolt (by way of a hook bolt lock), Later Lock (with options of handled or thumb turn) and Electric as regular options.
  • All glazing is finished and fitted to BS6262 and BS6206.
  • SRL also manufactures a range of handles, push pads, D handles and full lock types. Please contact us for any further details.

We Supply & Fit Shop Fronts in Liverpool