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The aesthetic benefits offered by bi fold patio doors has caused an increase in the number of people who have them installed.

Being able to sit indoors and still enjoy the stunning views your property offers, without being exposed to the elements is an enjoyable experience. The influx of light will also make any room seem larger than it really is. These and many more benefits have led to higher installation rates over the last decade.

One constant source of worry among prospective buyers is the apparent reduced level of security.

Having a set of large, multi-leaf glass sheets fitted in your house gives passers-by, an uncomfortably clear view of the contents of your property. It can be difficult to even tell if someone is outside staring inside on nights when you have the light turned on indoors.

While some unscrupulous characters can use force to attempt entry into your property, about forty percent of these opportunistic crooks will simply take advantage of open doors, loosely latched windows, an open garage. Remember the good old days of leaving your keys under the flowerpot? Or under the smallest gnome in the garden? Nowadays, thieves are known to check EVERYWHERE for keys before attempting a break-in.

This sounds like it is difficult to enjoy your views and stay safe.

It doesn’t have to be. Following the steps below, will allow you get the best of both worlds; enjoying the view from your property and protecting your valuables.

  • To get the best patio doors for your home, consult with and, if possible visit, the actual fitting company. Do not be coerced or swayed by slick salesmen.
  • Ensure that you explain your concerns. A reputable company will have assessors visit and advice you on the best option for you.
  • Aluminium frames are very strong; much stronger than PVC and wood. While you may want to preserve the ‘look’ of your period property, remember that safety is paramount.
  • There are many tales of DIY projects gone horribly wrong. Don’t be tempted by the cost you will save. You are far more likely to spend much more in the long run, if a professional job isn’t done from the onset.
  • While most bi fold patio doors come with a multi lock system, you can ask the company about fitting extra locks to the bottom of the fixed frame. This prevents people without keys gaining access.
  • Other security features you can get include security film, a Charlie bar and an anti-lift device to avoid door being lifted from its track.

Using these tips will help you get a secure patio door and enjoy your property. Having a protected patio door and still leaving your windows open is counter-productive. Other tips to discourage burglars include:-

  • Keep the area around the patio doors clear of bushes that can conceal anyone planning to break in.
  • Keep the area around the patio well lit at night.
  • Install an alarm. This may be a pressure sensitive one around the patio door or one that goes off when the glass is broken.
  • Be watchful of what you say whilst on your mobile phone. You will be surprised at some of the conversations and details you can overhear.
Don’t let fear of burglary deter you from making full use of your home.

At SRL Ltd, we stock a wide range of secure patio doors. Our trained and vetted installers can come and fit your bi folds within a day. Contact us today and let us see how we can provide an excellent and secure view from your property.

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